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What is ReservIt?

ReservIt is an online space and event management system. Use ReservIt to

  • schedule any event you may be planning, including meetings, concerts or speakers;
  • order food, technical services or a public safety presence;
  • reserve a space for a future meeting and add details at a later date.

Using ReservIt allows you to:

  • view events scheduled on the main campus, PCE and Fairhaven via the WebViewer;
  • request space and resources for University events;
  • search for available spaces, as well as any other special requests.

Who can use ReservIt?

ReservIt is accessible to anyone with a valid UMass Dartmouth login. Using ReservIt from off-campus locations requires the use of VPN. More information on setting up VPN access. 

What's New?

The ReservIt Online Event Form is available to faculty and staff. Click the ReservIt Event Request Form link above to log in and make your event reservations.


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