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Frequently Asked Questions about ReservIt

How do I view scheduled events and space?

  • Use the ReservIt WebViewer link (at the top right of this page) to show scheduled events.
  • If you wish to view this site from an off-campus location, or if using wireless, VPN is required (for VPN information, please visit this site).
  • The default view is for Popular Main Campus Meeting Rooms.
  • You may change the filters by clicking on the appropriate category on the right side of the page.
  • You can move forward in time by clicking a date in the current month calendar or by using the arrows to move forward or back.
  • Any blank space indicates availability at the time you are viewing space. Keep in mind that requests are being made regularly and there may be another request ahead of yours which has not yet been approved.
  • Clicking on a scheduled event provides more detailed information about that event.
  • Clicking on the boldface official room name to the left (eg, CCB-111) will provide you with specific details about that room.
  • Clicking on the small calendar icon in the box displays all events for the week in that space.

How do I request meeting space and resources?

  • Click on the ReservIt Event Request Form link above.
  • Login using your UMassD credentials (same as your email login).
  • Enter all information necessary for your event.
  • Mouse over any Image of question mark for ReservIt instructions  for more information about the field.
  • Click Create!

What Resources are available for request?

A Resource is considered something (or someone) that needs to be brought into the event or meeting. The following types of resources are available for request:

  • Catering--All food and beverage requests. Standard lead times exist; however, all efforts are made to accommodate your request. Costs associated with your choices display as you make your selections. Special requests may be made in the box provided. Last minute changes should be directed to the Catering Services Manager by calling x8187.
  • Public Safety--Certain events require a public safety presence. Costs are associated with this resource and an estimated total will be displayed as you make your selection.
  • Facilities--Some facilities resources may incur a cost, such as an overtime custodian. As with Public Safety, certain event types require the assignment of a custodian. Other resources within Facilities are chairs, tables, signage, etc.
  • Audio/Visual--includes podiums, CD players or powered speakers. A complete list is available on the Resources page of the form. Some of these items may incur a cost.
  • Technical--includes IT assistants, WebStreaming, Podcasts and videoconferencing. Further information is available on the Resources page of the ReservIt form.

How will I be sure that my request has been received and approved?

  • After your request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the request.
  • You will be notified when all items are approved.
  • You may check the status of your event approval by clicking on the Check Status link in the menu of the ReservIt Event Form.
  • All approvals will display with a green checkmark; a red X indicates that the request has been denied.
  • Place your mouse over any requested item or space, and the responsible individual(s) will be displayed, including contact information.


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