Concentration and Electives

Concentration and Electives - Professional Science Master's (PSM)

The PSM program requires completion of 11 courses plus an internship.  The 11 courses include the 3 core courses listed above and 8 elective courses. The 8 elective courses include:

  • Four (4) science electives -- 12 credits
  • Two (2) elective "Plus"* courses -- 6 credits (includes such areas as communication, project management, and leadership; see course descriptions below)
  • Two (2) science OR two (2) elective "Plus" courses, selected to fit the student's area of concentration -- 6 credits

Within these guidelines, there is considerable flexibility for COAST PSM students to design a suite of courses that meet their specific interests and professional needs. A Program Coordinator is available to help students select courses under a variety of themes. Course offerings are structured so that students may attend the program part-time while working full-time, as there is no residency requirement. UMass Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology strives to schedule PSM courses to work around a regular business day.