Plus Courses

"Plus" Courses (taught on line):

PSM 545 Professional and Scientific Communication
This course will help students improve their professional communication.  In this course, students will gain a fuller understanding of the communication process, and will gain practical experience in effective communication skills. Students will develop both written and oral communication within the context of their professional concentration. Assignments simulate those encountered in the “real-world” including persuasive presentations, oral and written reports, and communications with a variety of audiences including mainstream media and funding sources.  The course will also employ newer technologies to enable students to explore the opportunities and constraints technology places on effective communication. Supplemental course reading and materials included as appropriate. (3 credits)

PSM 535 Project Management for Science Professionals
This course is designed to provide skills to prepare students to take on the role of project manager. The importance of project management is now realized by most companies where the entire business, including most of the routine activities, can be regarded as a series of projects. Project management principles provide a systematic approach to running a business; both large and small business as well as a scientific laboratory. (3 credits)

PSM 555 Professional Science Leadership
This course is designed to provide awareness and skills for effective leadership. Weekly themes include: creating an inspirational vision, entrepreneurship, building trust, conflict resolution, personal integrity and ethics, and workplace issues. This course will impart profiles of employees who flourish, plateau, or fail with leadership responsibilities. (3 credits)