Instructions on Using the Cayuse Submission Site

Cayuse424:1 requires a user name and password to login. User names are based on the UMD
system login and initial passwords will be set as temp. You will need to change the password
once you access the system. Cayuse may be accessed by all individuals who will be working on
preparing the proposal not just the PI.

To obtain/verify a user name and password, contact Michelle Plaud at 508-999-8509

Michelle will set up your user account and create a professional profile template for you. You will
then complete the fields in the professional profile. You will also need to create professional
profiles for non UMD collaborators. Professional profiles contain reusable information about
personnel for use in your proposals and must be established prior to creating a proposal in

Getting Started

Basic instructions for accessing the system, changing the password and establishing personal
profiles follow.

Logging in to Cayuse424

1. Type in your Cayuse424 URL:
2. Enter user name and password
3. Click on sign in

Changing password

1. Click the Settings tab
2. Click Change Password
3. Enter new password
4. Re-enter new password to verify
5. Click Change Password

Completing profession profile

First select the People tab

Complete or update the following fields by clicking on the associated hyperlinks:

1. Name
2. Degrees
3. Demographics
4. Contact Information
5. ERA Role (indicates role such as PI)
6. Dept/Division/Title
7. Biosketches (are attached in the form of pdf files)

  • Click the + in the biosketch box
  • Enter a good identifying name
  • Browse to the PDF file on your computer and click Next
  • If you want to also upload the source file, in the next window, browse to the file
  • on your computer.
  • Click done

To create a profile for a non-UMASS collaborator contact Julie Rodriques for assistance.
Once established the collaborator will then complete the profile.

Cayuse424 provides tools to reduce the potential of creating duplicate profiles. Each time a
new profile is added Cayuse424 will generate a list of potentially matching names for you to
review and verify before creating a potential duplicate if it is not needed.

UMD Institutional information for use when preparing proposals is already entered intoCayuse424 and linked to your professional profile. Additional information regarding
maintaining professional profiles and other topics can be found in the Cayuse424 User
Reference Manual found at

Hints for using Cayuse

  • When exiting pop-up windows always click the Close button; don't use your browser’s "back" function
  • Be careful when copying and pasting to your proposal -- special characters (e.g.,umlauts) will cause funding agencies to reject your proposal
  • Don’t leave Cayuse424 running overnight

Creating Proposals

You are now ready to begin creating proposals in Cayuse424. Proposals submitted through and have opportunities supported in Cayuse424 are based on the funding
opportunity in Cayuse. All other proposals are developed independently in Cayuse.

Retrieving an Opportunity in Cayuse424

1. Select the Opportunity Tab
2. Click on Retrieve Opportunity
3. Enter the Opportunity Number or CFDA number
4. Click on Retrieve Opportunities

Creating a Proposal from the Opportunity

1. Select Opportunity tab
2. Identify correct Opportunity from the list
3. Click on the + at the beginning of the correct opportunity row
4. You will be brought to the Create New Proposal Screen
5. Ensure correct title and other information is correct
6. Fill in remaining fields
7. Click create proposal

Creating a proposal for which the opportunity is not supported by Cayuse including
nonfederal proposals

1. Select proposal tab
2. Click the + Proposal at the top of the page
3. Fill in the information as required
4. Click create proposal
This method may also be used to create a proposal for which the opportunity has already been

Once the create proposal button has been clicked you will be brought to the proposal forms. Cayuse424
automatically pre-populates many fields from the professional and institutional profiles. You then
proceed through the remaining proposal pages completing and reviewing the data required. See below
for more information.

Proposal Permissions

Access to individual proposals can only be granted by the individual who created the proposal.
Permission is granted from the proposal page itself. Individuals who will be preparing the
proposal or reviewing it may be added here.

  1. Click on proposal permissions from the choices in the box on the left
  2. Add users and update fields for access

Routing and Approving Proposals: Electronic submissions are approved by Sponsored Projects Administration.
The chain of approval can be edited or built from scratch within the proposal.

Completing the Proposal

Cayuse424 keeps a running total of errors and warnings. As you complete information the
number should decrease.

All errors must be corrected prior to submission or the proposal will be rejected by
or the granting agency.

Warnings should be corrected but are generally not fatal, however if you are submitting a
proposal with warnings be sure to check that the warning will not cause the proposal to be
rejected or delayed.

To see detail of errors and warnings click on the error/warning button at the bottom of the
proposal page.