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UMass Dartmouth Strategic Planning - Future Focused2025

The Office of the Provost has been charged by the Office of the Chancellor with oversight of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s 2020-2025 strategic plan development. The University achieved many significant outcomes that were charted in the UMassD Transform2020 Strategic Plan in 2014.

The new strategic plan builds on these outcomes; however, it is also clear that the institution faces two significant challenges—declining enrollment and declining revenue—due to the national trend of decreasing numbers of high school students. To address these challenges, the University must strategically focus on three core activities: educating learners, generation and dissemination of knowledge, and community engagement, and align these activities with an appropriate and sustainable financial plan. The preliminary work done last academic year on strategic planning will be refocused from four to three priorities, Future of Learning, Future of Discovery, and Future of Community, with the Future of Employment themes integrated across these revised priorities.

Future Focused2025: UMass Dartmouth Strategic Plan Priorities

Student standing at top of stairs in library

Future of Learning: Student Experience and Outcomes

Leads: Tracie Ferreira, Shannon Finning and Tesfay Meressi

Future of Learning: Enhance student experiences, including classroom engagement, enrichment activities career readiness, and workforce development.

Two students working in a lab

Future of Discovery: Faculty Research and Instruction

Leads: Chandra Orrill, Ramprasad Balasubramanian and Alex Fowler

Future of Discovery: Promote growth of high impact research, scholarship, and creative activities that engage students, enrich the academic community, and support economic development.

Adults and students working together for hunger

Future of Community: UMassD Competencies and Values

Leads: Magali Carrera and Robert Jones

Future of Community: Promote engagement and outcomes that support UMass Dartmouth’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and community.

Note: Committee memberships are still in formation and will be updated often.


  • October 2019: Resume strategic planning with a revised vision that focuses on identifying strategic goals and the financial resources required to meet them.
  • Fall 2019: Gather reports and begin to shape the plan.
  • Spring 2020: Disseminate drafts to the campus for comments.
  • Fall 2020: Review by the Board of Trustees.
  • December 2020: Launch Future Focused2025: UMass Dartmouth Strategic Plan.

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