SAIL Services

Student coordinators

The SAIL Office provides assistance in planning programs, creating marketing strategies, and establishing budgets. We know how to program and want to help you plan and run successful events.

Our staff will also assist student clubs and organizations in designing and facilitating training for members and can arrange workshops to meet the specific needs of your club or organization.

If you're interested in meeting with our Program Coordinator, please stop by the SAIL Office today or contact us: 508.999.8127 or

Faculty advisors

The SAIL Office is looking for faculty or staff members who are interested in working with student organizations. We can connect faculty and staff who are interested in serving as advisors with student organizations seeking advisors.

As an advisor, your main responsibilities are to serve as a guide to the students in a particular organization, direct them to campus resources, and act as a contact for our office.

If you're interested in participating as a student organization advisor, please complete the form at SAIL's MyOrgs site (under Campus Links).

Publicizing your events

Channel 80.1

Updated daily, Channel 80.1 is an information channel accessible on campus cable. Channel 80.1 offers the UMassD community a schedule of events for the upcoming week and is a great way to advertise news and events.

Download a PowerPoint template, enter your information, and submit the file to

Channel 80 EVENT Slide Template

Channel 80 NEWS Slide Template

Posters in the Campus Center

The SAIL Office approves all information that is pertinent to the UMassD community for posting in the Campus Center. For more information on the posting policy, stop by the office or call us at 508.999.8127. All posters on display in the Campus Center must be approved and stamped by the SAIL Office. Any postings that are not stamped are subject to removal.