Student Affairs Core Functions

Vice Chancellor

  1. Coordinate efforts of Student Affairs departments to ensure synergy and effectiveness in student service delivery and student development efforts
  2. Assess student climate (satisfaction, needs, etc.) via surveys, focus groups, and individual interactions/attendance at student functions and share information with campus community to assist in goal setting and planning
  3. Meet Student Affairs staff needs in terms of senior staff support and supervision, adequate staffing, training, hiring, performance reviews, budgets, facility needs, and technology needs.
  4. Provide advocacy and oversight for SA department budgets and seek revenue enhancements where possible
  5. Work with Senior Leadership and campus colleagues to provide a strong Student Affairs voice and advocacy at all venues pertaining to student issues
  6. Work with Academic Affairs and Administration and Finance divisions' leadership to develop programs and policies that address the holistic needs of students
  7. Provide backup support as needed (for Asst. AVC and Assoc. Dean) for individual students (and families) pertaining to problem solving, communications, and advocacy

Assistant Vice Chancellor

  1. Provide support, direction, and supervision for six department heads.
  2. Provide student advocacy, advising, problem solving; emergency response and follow-up, and faculty consultation.
  3. Oversee student conduct policies and procedures and serve as appeals officer
  4. Provide services, programs, and communication for parents, including Family Weekend and newsletters
  5. Represent Student Affairs on committees that further divisional and institutional priorities: Diversity and Pluralism Council, First-year Experience Committee, SAGE, Associate/Assistant Deans Council, Admissions Review Committee, etc.
  6. Work collaboratively with the Associate Vice Chancellor towards accomplishing division goals.

Associate Dean of Students

  1. Provide student advocacy, advising, problem solving; emergency response and follow-up, and faculty consultation - includes SAGE, Emergency Loan Program, Leaves &Withdrawals, Dean Certifications for Transfer/Grad School, etc.
  2. Oversee undergraduate New Student Orientation Programs - includes philosophy, learning outcomes, program design, staffing, budget/financial management
  3. Participate in creation and implementation of first-year programs
  4. Emergency Response - includes On Call, follow up and referral

Assistant Dean of Students/Director of the Frederick Douglass Unity House

  1. Perform On-Call duty, follow-up and referrals for student violations and hospitalizations, Student Leaves and Withdrawals, and respond to student crises
  2. Perform core functions associated with Frederick Douglass Unity House (see FDUH core functions below)

Career Development Center

  1. Career Advisement to assist students in identifying career goals connected to academic major/program/College via Career Counseling, Career Assessment, and Career Exploration
  2. Career Preparation to provide students with professional job seeking skills: Resume and portfolio preparation, Interviewing &networking techniques
  3. Experiential Learning to assist students in attaining career-related experience via: Internships and Part-time employment
  4. Job Opportunities advertisement via On-campus recruitment and Career Expo &job fairs
  5. Post-Graduation Advisement - Graduate School exploration, Graduate School applications & entrance exams, and Alumni Career Counseling

Center for Access and Success

  1. Develop, monitor, evaluate, and communicate individual accommodation plans for students with disabilities
  2. Provide students/faculty with disabilities advocacy, advising, problem solving, emergency response, and follow-up
  3. Develop and disseminate policies and procedures related to students with disabilities
  4. Oversee and coordinate testing accommodations

Counseling Center

  1. Perform student psychological assessment and counseling
  2. Provide consultation and education to campus constituencies regarding student concerns
  3. Coordinate off-campus referrals for students to provide timely counseling and utilize expertise of local therapists
  4. Actively participate in coordination of crisis response as necessary
  5. Coordinate efforts with local emergency agencies (hospitals) regarding protocols and communication

Frederick Douglass Unity House

  1. Provide support and advocacy for students from under-represented populations
  2. Develop programs and services for the overall UMD community with respect to increasing pluralism
  3. Ensure FDUH operations, programs, service and events are effective and beneficial to students of color and overall campus community.
  4. Collaborate with student affairs senior staff in meeting the mission, vision, goals, and policies of the FDUH.
  5. Manage and supervise Unity staff/student employees and building operations

Housing and Residential Life

  1. Process and communicate housing assignment processes for 4500 students
  2. Coordinate open and closing procedures prior to and following semesters and break periods
  3. Provide opportunities for residents to engage, learn, and take ownership in their residential community
  4. Recruit, train, support, and supervise all professional and student staff
  5. Collaborate with Campus Facilities to insure that residence halls are well maintained and conducive to residents' needs in terms of safety, physical comfort and community development
  6. Develop and manage annual auxiliary budget such that campus housing is in good repair and offered for students at the lowest possible cost.

Health Services

  1. Provide Health Care for matriculated students. This includes illness care to minimize the time miss from class.
  2. Provide specialized wellness care regarding women's health issues, sexually transmitted diseases and individual health counseling on such topics as smoking, weight control etc.
  3. Comply with existing laws and regulations such as immunization, insurance for students and public health regulations.
  4. Make referrals to outside specialists for health care that is not available on campus.
  5. Support Health Education programs (see below)

Health Education, Promotion, & Wellness

  1. Provide health education for the campus community through the training and development of a Peer Health Educator program
  2. Recruit, train, and supervise (student) Peer Health Educators
  3. Provide health-related resources to students, staff, faculty, and parents
  4. Maintain best practices in health promotion and disease prevention
  5. Conduct assessments of student health behaviors and perceptions. Summarize and share the results with the campus community. Use data to prioritize/plan health education and promotion activities
  6. Advocate for policy, procedural, and environmental changes that support the health and well- being of the campus community.

Religious Resource Center

  1. Provide a professional religious presence for the UMD community
  2. Foster an atmosphere of mutual inquiry and growing understanding among our various faith traditions
  3. Provide referral to external community religious agencies as requested
  4. Actively participate in coordination of crisis response as necessary

Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership

  1. Support student-involvement opportunities on campus through the development and successful functioning of student clubs and organizations
  2. Identify and provide training and support to student organization advisors
  3. Create leadership development and training programs for current and future student leaders
  4. Coordinate division and campus wide efforts to offer students a wide variety of activities and opportunities to engage with peers, faculty, staff, and external community members.

Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution

  1. Coordinate campus-wide student conduct education including the adjudication of complaints of alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct and communicating the community standards for conduct via the Student Handbook
  2. Recruit and train student conduct Hearing Officers and Appellate Boards
  3. Develop, analyze, and communicate statistical information related to conduct cases
  4. Create and implement opportunities for alternative dispute resolution
  5. Promote campus civility via education and programs

Women's Resource Center

  1. Promote equity in all components of University life
  2. Provide resources &referrals on women's health issues
  3. Educate Women (and men) on woman's history and current issues
  4. Serve as sexual violence support, responder, and educator
  5. Provide diverse programming to educate the community about issues of inequity
  6. Offer support and counsel to future feminist leaders