Alcohol/Drug Education Program

The intent of the University Alcohol and Drug Education Program is to support students and staff in demonstrating responsible conduct regarding alcohol and drugs, in order to create a university atmosphere of civility, and discourage any behavior that is abusive to self or others.

The alcohol and drug education program provides alcohol and drug education, consultation, evaluation, intervention, support groups, and referral services to students.

The education program provides orientation for incoming students about alcohol-related and drug-related issues and university policies, workshops for student organizations and university departments regarding assessment of alcohol/drug troubled students, an extensive alcohol and drug education library, alcohol and drug awareness weeks, curriculum infusion, and mandatory multi-level educational programs for those who violate the university alcohol and drug policy.

Consultation is available to students who might be concerned about their own or another's alcohol or drug use, or just interested in learning more about addiction. Evaluation is offered to those students who are concerned about their own alcohol and drug use. Evaluations are mandated when a student is hospitalized, put into protective custody, arrested, or engages in violence related to drug/alcohol use.

Intervention is available to any student who is identified as having a problem with alcohol or drugs. Any student, staff or faculty person concerned about another's alcohol/drug use can request intervention support information. The referral program provides liaison with community alcohol and drug treatment programs and other University counseling, health and academic resources.

General health education programs including alcohol and drug education are provided by our Health Education Office at 508.910.6965.

Education programs for those found responsible for alcohol or drug violations are provided by the Office of Student Conduct and Dispute Resolution at 508.999.9153 or send an email.