On Campus Study Areas




Contact Information

Claire t. Carney Library Learning Commons Open-7:30 AM
Basement Closed-9 PM
1st Floor Closed- 11PM
2nd Floor Closed- 11PM
3rd Floor Closed- 11PM
2 Study Rooms Help Desk- (508) 999-8675
Unity House Open 7AM- 10PM
Open 12PM-6:30PM
Monday- Friday
Weekend- Saturday, Sunday
Wilder, Keith PH-(508) 999-9220
Liberal Arts Building Open- 7:30AM- After Evening Classes
Science & Engineering Building Open- 7:30AM- After Evening Clases
Campus Center Open 7 AM- 11PM
7 AM- Close (Events Pending)
Straker, Sheldon PH-(508) 910-6649

Residence Halls

(ResidenceHalls are available ONLY to Residents and registered guests;
You must swipe in to enter.)
Maple Ridge Available 24 hours Rms- 120A, 122A, 125A, 221A, 224A, 226A, 323A, 327A. Bennett, Quianay RD PH: (508) 910-4116
Roberts Available 24 hours Rms- 101A, 203A, 208H, 209H, 303H, 304H, 305H, 308H. Highley, Wesley RD PH: (508) 910-4114
Chestnut Available 24 hours Rms- 011A, 111A, 118A, 210G, 214G, 215G, 218G, 311G, 314G, 315G, 317K Dennehey, Meghann RD PH: (508) 910-4115
Elmwood Available 24 hours Rms- 130A, 132A, 136A, 230A, 232A, 23Aa, 330A, 332A, 336A Rich, Jessica RD PH: (508) 910=4117
Willow/Evergreen 24 hours Elevator lobbies Markland, Megan RD PH: 774-929-1500
Ivy/Aspen 24 hours Elevator lobbies Watts, David RD PH: 774-929-3400
Hicory/Birch 24 hours Elevator lobbies Roles, Nicole RD PH: 774-929-3118
Pine Dale 24 hours Multi-Purpose Room A, B, and C. Rooms A, B available for club Events. C usually study groups. Wisneski, Kendra RD PH: 774-929-2424
Oak Glen 1 MultiPurpose Room and Lounges 3rd&4th Floor Room Needs to be Reserved, Lounges for OG Res.&Guests Wolfe, Kirsten RD PH:774-929-2949
Cedar Dells Available 9AM-2AM- Dell Community Center One in Dell South, Other in Dell West Ploskonka, Stacy RD (South) PH: (508) 910-6460
Thomas, Reggie RD (West) PH: (508) 910-6478