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About Teacher Preparation

Our mission statement and conceptual framework convey our dedication to supporting our students in becoming reflective practitioners.

Mission Statement

The Department of STEM Education and Teacher Development is committed to the preparation of educators who have a sensitivity toward multicultural issues, an awareness of the particular concerns of urban education, knowledge of the unique needs and styles of individual learners, and a conscious knowledge of the role of schools in promoting social justice in the 21st Century.

Our mission is to deliver clearly defined teacher preparation programs at the post baccalaureate and graduate levels. In addition to a rigorous preparation in subject-matter fields, teacher candidates develop their ability to apply pedagogical theory to practice and reflect on the complexities inherent in their craft.

Conceptual Framework

We see teacher development as being particularly focused on:

  • Integrating and applying knowledge from the field and from research
  • Bridging theory into practice
  • Responding to diversity of all kinds in the classroom
  • Democratizing access for all to educational opportunities through the design of high-quality instruction and the implementation of strategies to support the psychological and intellectual needs of all learners
  • Practicing as a professional in pursuing more knowledge, interacting with colleagues and parents, and leading the activities of the classroom.





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