Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1976

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1976 (FERPA)

FERPA guarantees the privacy of a student’s educational records. When a student enters a post-secondary institution, the access rights to educational records previously held by parents/guardians are now transferred to the student.

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Parents may feel that because they pay tuition or claim the student as a dependent for tax purposes, they are entitled to such information.

The Bursar’s Office strives to assist our students and parents in understanding their financial obligations to UMass Dartmouth while adhering to the FERPA guidelines. We recommend that all students utilize the Parent/student designee functionality available in COIN.

COIN is UMass Dartmouth's student information system. Access to COIN is available to parents and other individuals designated by the student. Students are able to grant COIN access for specified functions to parents, guardians, employers, spouses, or other appropriate individuals.

Parents and other designees can view information and pay bills with their own access. Parent/student designee access is designed to preserve the integrity of the student's UMassD Logon while allowing involved parties to securely view information that a student wishes to share, including paying a bill and accessing 1098T information for tax purposes.Your student maintains control of the Parent/Student Designee account; i.e., username, password and accessible screens.

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