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SouthCoast Urban Indicators Project

Our neighboring cities of Fall River and New Bedford face significant challenges, including underperforming schools, persistent joblessness, and poor health outcomes. In order for our communities to forge the collaborations necessary to address these issues, they require shared information related to the scope and scale of a problem and the resources available to address it.

We created the SouthCoast Urban Indicators Project (SCUIP) to respond to the need for this information and a common language around how to discuss and address the most pressing issues facing New Bedford and Fall River. With SCUIP, we strive to make our data available to stakeholders at every level of an issue. Our information is presented in quickly digestible fashion; one aimed at educating the public on why this issue is important to our region, the metrics we use to gauge the intensity of the problem, and what is being done throughout the country and locally to find solutions. We hope to promote communities of empowered citizens who have the tools to actively engage in civic discourse.


 SouthCoast Urban Indicators Project

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Our end goal is not to make information available; instead, it is to spark conversation, encourage collaboration, and stimulate action. So please send your input to, and thanks for your help!


This project was launched with support from the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts -- Acushnet Foundation Fund. Please contact Colleen Dawicki to learn about opportunities to invest in this vital community project.


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