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When a Section is moved, all links to and from that Section are updated. Similarly, if the Section features in navigation or site maps generated with Navigation Objects, those will be updated too. However, if these links are renamed, the urls can be broken, so be careful when renaming sections so that you aren't breaking important links.

Adding sections

  1. Adding an item in the left navigation menu by navigating to your department in the Site Structure, and creating a new section.Creating a new section
  2. Give the new section a name, and make sure you click "Show in navigation".  If this box is not checked off, it will not show up in your menu. Naming the new section
  3. Once you have saved your section, you should be brought back to the Site Structure, where you can see your newly created section.  If the folder icon is filled in, it is viewable in the menu.  If it is just an outline, it is NOT viewable in the menu.See the newly created section

Be sure that your new section is approved when you are ready for your content to publish.  If you leave your section status to "Pending", your approved content inside will not publish.

Moving A Section

  1. From the Site Structure, go to the Section to be moved and, from the Section Action Menu, select Move Section.
  2. Confirm that you want to move the Section.
  3. Once confirmed, a modal Browse/Search box will open.
    Select the Section's destination. The selected Section is highlighted with a yellow background:
  4. When the Section has been moved, a banner will appear confirming it:

Ordering Sections

  1. To change the order of Child Sections within a Parent Section go to the More dropdown tab and select Child Sections.
  2. Rearrange your sections accordingly.



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