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Minimum user level: Administrator

A minimum user level of Administrator is required for some of this functionality due to its potential for severe impact to the website.

Convert the fonts to web-friendly formats

  • Use an @font-face/webfont generator like FontSquirrel or to convert fonts to webfonts.
    • Make sure to include TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, SVG and EOT formats.
    • Will likely need to upload each file singly in order to convert them.
    • Download the webkits once the fonts have been converted
  • Create folders for each font style and put each file in the correct folder.
folder lists

Prepare the fonts for upload

  • Package the fonts and stylesheet into a zipped/compressed folder
    • Use the font name on the zipped folder with the font name
  • Upload the package to the Media Library in T4.
    • Content-->Content Migration-->Packages-->Manage Packages
    • Because they are fonts, you will choose "Media Archive" for this package.
how to upload the package
  • Use the font name on the zipped folder
how to name the package

When naming the package, avoid special characters and spaces.

  • Click Next and Finish.

Import the package to the correct location

  • Your package is now pending. Import the package into the fonts folder.
how to import the package

At UMassD, fonts live in: 

Content-->Media Library-->Supporting Files-->Layout Assets-->Fonts

  • Click "Import Package" and find the section of the media library where you want the package to reside.
image of font folder after imported
  • Once the import is finished, you should be able to find your folder in the media library.
  • Link your site to the fonts using CSS.