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Program page output

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Program Page layout

content location/nav id viewports
Tags inline all
Paragraph 1 inline all
forms inline sm, xs
buttons 1467 sm, xs
rightcol add-on 1288 sm, xs
paragraph 2 inline all
content add-on  1180  lg, md, sm 
student success  1446 all
research  1449 all
content add-on accordion 1881 xs 
gallery tiles  1450 all
major/minor 1451 all
unique opportunities 1452 all
undergraduate experiences  1453 all
transferring to umassd 1455 all
study online promo 1454 all
expand your opportunities 1456 all
faculty (content) 1457 all
admissions requirements 1458 all
related/explore more 1459 all
faculty feed tiles 1300 all
accreditation 1179 all
related 1461 xs
contact 1466 sm, xs
contact recursing 1335 sm, xs
factsheet inline sm, xs
accreditation 1179 all

Sidebar visible-lg, md

forms  inline  lg, md 
rightcol add-on  1288  lg, md 
buttons  1467  lg, md 
contact  1465  lg, md 
contact recursing  1336  lg, md 
factsheet  inline  lg, md