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t4 internal tool: siteconfig


Site config is an internal tool we use to brand, style, and plug in whatever else we need into a page layout. This elimates the need to make redundant pagelayouts for different university properties.

  • permissions level: Administrator
  • content type tid 453 []
  • related content nav objects (ids range from 800-1300+) set to Fetch Method: Use Child with Recurse hierarchy to find child section option checked off looking for custom formatter (alternate content layout)

Section Settings

  • Give these a uri of /site-config in order to avoid publishing multitudes of these pages. They don't need to be actual pages, they are just a reference point for the cms.
  • Hide these from navigation


page-title: insert custom text into page title for SEO and clearer search results

author, twitter-card-site, twitter-card-creator: Metadata setup for social media channels

css file: reference a css file from the media library. This will function in additon to the standard set of css associated with umassd properties.

home-link: this sets the home link for this property. It assigns link to top-left brand and home icon on breadcrumb.

utility bar: top bar visible on larger screens includes myumassd login etc.

main-navbar: top bar where you set the branding/logo image

search-id: sets the google search

main-menu: takeover menu

main-nav select: navigation we use on horizontal bar and in main-menu

breadcrumbs options: some options for hide/show and breadcrumb level. Breadcrumbs display level based on where they're positioned in the site structure.

left-nav options: used to insert a custom left nav. Left nav is generated based on position in the site structure. To show a custom set of links check-off custom left-nav and select custom left-nav from options maintained in this list [

footer: select a footer

favicon overwrite and apple-touch icons set

Additional content types