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The media library is the location where all (photos, documents etc.) are stored for the University's site.  Each page then points to these files through through the use of a hyperlink or path.

Adding media into the Media library

Typically, you will access the Media Library through your content via one of the following ways:

  1. by the blue Select Media button when adding an image
  2. or the Insert Media icon when adding a document

However, you can also search and add media directly from the Media Library itself. 

  1. Access the Media library from the Site Structure, and click the left menu, then Select Content > Media Library
Finding media library

The Media Library is located under the Content tab in the main T4 menu

  1. Once in the Media library, you will see the library’s folder structure on the left, and contents of the selected folder on the right.
Navigating the media library

The folders of the media library are on the left while its contents are on the right.

  1. Scroll through the categories until you find the correct one where you want to upload your media. You can click the (+) sign to expand the category to find additional folders underneath.
Navigating the media library - expanding folders

You can expand the folder in the media library to see its contents.


When searching the media library, you can use the search bar at the top of the page rather than scrolling through the folder. Just be sure to verify the media is correct once you receive your search results!

  1. Once you’ve come to the correct folder where you want to upload your media, click it to select it (it will now be highlighted blue). Click the green Add media button in the top right corner.
Navigating the media library - Add media

The "Add Media" button will allow you to add your own files to the library for your webpages.

  1. Upload your file and fill out the required fields:
    • Name: this is the name that will show up in T4 (NOT the file name)
    • Description/Alt text: this isn’t a required field, but is very important for our users.
      • For images, this should completely describe the document and its contents. It is also important to those users who utilize screen readers, as well as for search engine optimization (SEO)
      • For documents, this information is not visible to the public, and can be used for versioning, like the date you uploaded the document.
    • Media type: Disregard this field. It will update automatically based on the type of file you upload.

If you accidentally upload the wrong document, you can click the red “Remove” button below your uploaded file and try again.

Navigating the media library - fill out fields

Make sure to fill out all required fields.

Remove file button

You can replace an incorrect file easily by clicking the red "Remove" button and uploading a new file.

  1. Once you are happy with your entries, click “Save changes” in the bottom right. Your image/document has now been saved into the media library.

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