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Videos cannot be uploaded to the media library. You can embed videos from third party sites like YouTube or Vimeo. 

  1. Go to your hosting service. Most of them will have some sort of Share option (the examples shown below are Vimeo and Youtube).
Sharing video option
  1. You may see an icon indicating an embed option, or the code may be there after clicking the "Share" button.

    Copy ALL of the code that is being provided to you.
Video code
  1. Once in your content, find the field labeled Video embed code. This is where you will paste the code you copied.
Video embed code
  1. Save changes.  You can now preview your page to see how it the video will load on the page upon publishing.

Note: Some videos may need to be hosted through our university’s CMS hosting service. To put in a request to use this service, visit the marketing portal and fill out a Videography request (under the Video heading).

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