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Research awards have their own content type: Research Awards [tid: 598] and are to be entered in one predetermined location [Research » Research Awards].

  1. Go to Research » Research Awards
  2. Click + Create Content. Research Award content type should pop automatically.


  • Name: this creates the url. example:
  • Title: name of the award as provided on the document
  • Amount rewarded: enter dollar amount as provided on the document. Include the $ dollar sign and coma example: $175,000
  • Sponsor: enter the sponsor as provided on the document
  • Date released: enter date this can go live
  • Query Directory: enter the username of the faculty member. This can be pulled from the url of their profile on Example for enter dpoeira in this field. This will automatically pull profilepic and directory information. This will also pull the award onto their profile.
    • **NOTE: The faculty member must be in the directory. If the faculty member is not in the directory, they must request to be added by CITS:
  • Keywords: Enter the department here. You can also enter any additional relevant tags like college affiliation.
  • Description: An optional field where we can do a write up for this research award.

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