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When providing contact information for faculty and staff members, it is best practice to utilize the university's main directory to feed information into the website's pages.  Not only does this maintain consistency and eliminate redundancy throughout the website, but it also automatically updates across multiple pages, therefore reducing your site maintainer's workload. 

One example commonly used throughout the site is the Right Column: Contact content type.  This content type is used commonly to display general contact information, often on multiple pages at the same time.  Changing the information in ONE instance changes it on ALL pages simultaneously - it's so convenient!

changing column contact step 1

In this instance, we want to replace Qinguo Fan's contact information with Tracie Ferreira's.

changing column contact step 2

We are going to use the Right Column: Contact content type because we are putting the contact information in the right column of the page.  This is standard practice for the university.

Once your content type has been chosen (in this case, Right Column: Contact), the content type will connect the directory to the page through the use of the email address.  

For example: If you wish to bring in the profile of Tracie Ferreira, you will enter "".  You can always check the directory if you are unsure of the individual's email address.

**NOTE: the name in the email address field may vary.

changing column contact step 3

We replace Qinguo Fan's email address with Tracie Ferreira's email address in the content type.

Once the section has been published, you should see the changes made across all relevant pages.  Now, any time that profile is updated, it will also be reflected on these pages.

changing column contact step 4

Replacing the email address in the content type matches up the contact information in the directory, and all of Tracie Ferreira's contact information in her profile comes through onto the page.

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