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How to enter in a story

  1. In the T4 Site Structure, navigate to the News & Press Releases section.
  2. Expand News & Press Releases. Click on your category (Alumni News, Arts & Sciences News, Business News, etc.). Click the Content tab. You are presented with the section content list.
  3. Click the green Create content button. The News Article Content Type loads automatically.
  4. Enter a Name* and a Title&. Keep this short. The text will create the URL of the news article. example:
  5. Select a Date Released*. It can be left as today's date or changed.
  6. Select a byline radio button. The default is: By.
  7. Select an Author*. The Email Address* field will populate automatically. If an Author is not in the list, contact the Webteam using the T4 Tech Support Request form.
News Article

Fill out the required fields.  If the author and email address aren't in the dropdowns, contact T4 Tech support.

  1. Enter a press release Summary*. The Summary will display below the Title on the published page.
  2. Select a Category* or Categories. This is the 'tag' or 'tags' that will pull the proper feed onto the correct page.
  3. If using a video, enter the video embed code.
  4. Select an Image and Image Thumbnail.
  5. Supply an Image Caption. This will sit below the image.
News Article

Fill out the other fields for your article and upload images as desired to supplement your story.

  1. Supply a Quote and a Quote Attribution. The quote and attribution will display in a different font on the press release page. Here is an example:
  2. Paste the Press Release text in the Main Body* field.
  3. Enter additional paragraphs using the paragraphs fields.
  4. Add additional images using the optional Select media buttons.
  5. Add additional image captions using the Image Caption fields.
  6. Add additional videos using the video embed code fields.
  7. Select Showcase images using the Select media buttons. And/or add a link to an external gallery. Use this to link to an external image gallery (like Flickr).

The fields marked with a * are required

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