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How are link sections different from regular sections?

Link Sections do not contain content but instead act as pointers to other sections or external URLs. This is useful if you want to add a section from another part of the site structure or external site to your left-side navigation menu. 

  1. Create a section.

"Mark as link section" tells T4 that this is not a regular section.

  1. Check off Mark as Link Section.

You will provide a name for the section like any other section, but you will notice that you no longer have many of the options you usually have for other sections (for example, the URI output, keywords, etc.)

  1. Name the section.
  2. Go to the Details tab. If your destination target is a T4 page, Check off Section.
  3. If the destination target is NOT a T4 page, check off External URL.
    • Paste the target URL into the Link URL field
  4. Save changes.

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