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Can I move sections to a different location?

A developing website will sometimes need to be reorganized.  (Or perhaps you simply put a section in the wrong spot by mistake!)  Rather than deleting sections and creating others from scratch, you can move existing sections.

  1. From the site structure, go to the section to be moved and, from the section's blue Action Menu, select Move Section.

*Note: Reordering sections can result in breaking URLs because the path of the section is linked to the section's name.  Broken URLs means visitors can no longer find your page.  Learn the difference between a URL and URI, as well as the importance of retaining a section's name.

Here, the section the user wishes to move is "Blue and Gold Weekend."

  1. Confirm that you want to move the Section - a modal Browse/Search box will open.
  2. Select the section's destination. The selected section is highlighted with a yellow background.

Here, the user moved the the section to the "OLD" section.

  1. When the section has been moved, a banner will appear confirming it.

Green = success!

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