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First tab: General

The Name field in the General tab is what determines the URL of the section.


Section contents - general tab

First tab of the section, which provides an overview of the section's information.

Output URI

If you use a special character in the section name, use the Output URI field to clean that up. T4 is set to translate spaces in URLs into hyphens. It also ignores special characters.

Example: If the section name is Tuition & Fees, the URL would be translated into tuition-⁠⁠-⁠⁠fees. To avoid double hyphens, go to the Output URI field and enter tuition⁠-⁠fees. When entering content into the Output URI field, always use lowercase and separate words with a hyphen.

Section contents

This URL would be translated by T4 as  By specifiying the URI to "opportunities", this changes the URL to , which is cleaner and easier to remember.

Second tab: Content

Here is where you will spend most of your time. Here you will create new content, modify existing content, and re-order content in the hierarchy.

Learn more about adding content | Learn more about editing content

Content tab

Last tab: More

Click the More tab, select Child Sections. This menu allows you to re-order sections that live under the one you are in.

More tab

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