Become a WRC Tutor

Any individual interested in working at the Writing and Reading Center as a tutor must successfully complete Tutoring Writing, a three-credit English course. 

Enrollment in the course is not a guarantee that you will be asked to continue to work as a tutor; rather, invitations to employment will be based on a comprehensive assessment of your work as a student, your professionalism, and your enthusiam for working with others. 

You will learn in the course both the practical and theoretical skills that you will need to become a successful tutor, and, in the process, you will gain awareness of your own strategies for writing and learning.

Here's what some former students had to say about Tutoring Writing:

In this class, I truly learned how to work effectively and comfortably with fellow peers on their work,no matter what major or background. Being able to work individually with students in a tutoring atmosphere has not only opened the doors for me in terms of my future career pursuits, but has also expanded my own personal outlook on teaching. This course was one of the most enjoyable classes I took here, and the best experience I have gained so far in my years at UMass Dartmouth.


The course ENL 279 was without doubt, one of the most useful classes I have enrolled in whilst attending UMass Dartmouth...With education as my desired career path, this course forced me to step out of my comfort zone when having to tutor university students for the first time. The experience equipped me with the ability to assist others through tutoring while simultaneously forcing me to acknowledge my identity as a writer. The class is not only beneficial for those who seek the education path, but for any student who looking to build their leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills, and the opportunity to cultivate diverse relationships.


Tutoring Writing was a class that I initially had doubts about taking. I never saw myself as being able to tutor. I didn't know anything about tutoring or how I would go about helping a student.  It ended up being not only interesting but also a lot of fun. The class gave me confidence in my ability as a writer and as a peer tutor. We learned how to problem solve and deal with potentially difficult situations in a lot of depth and detail. We also took it step by step instead of being thrown in after a few weeks of training. By the time we were tutoring on our own I felt confident and prepared. 


We are actively seeking students from a variety of majors, disciplines, and experiences to enroll in Tutoring Writing (this class isn't just for English majors!) 

Tutoring Writing also fulfills a University Studies 5B requirement

In Spring 2018, the course will be offered on MWF from 10:00-10:50.

Please contact Elisabeth Buck, Faculty Director of the WRC, at for additional information on how to enroll in the course.