We offer tutoring virtually in two ways: 

1) Written Feedback (below): Submit your paper via email to Writing@umassd.edu and get written feedback within 48 hours. Use the “Written Feedback” tab in our main menu (upper left) for instructions on how to submit your paper.

2) Real-Time Appointment: Schedule an appointment in TutorTrac and meet with a tutor in a Zoom room. 

  • Use the TutorTrac “Schedule an Appointment” button on the right side of this page to schedule a Zoom appointment.
  • For detailed instructions on how to create an appointment in TutorTrac download this Powerpoint/PDF: (hyperlink coming soon!)


ONLINE TUTORING via Written Feedback 

Please visit our Homepage to make an appointment through TutorTrac for a Real-Time Appointment with a Tutor in Zoom.

Writing and Reading Center ONLINE TUTORING via Written Feedback

The WRC offers students the unique opportunity to receive written feedback within 48 hours from a trained and highly skilled peer tutor, covering a variety of subjects and skills across the disciplines. Topics frequently covered include:

  • Research-driven papers
  • Business / Technical writing
  • Literary Analyses
  • Thesis writing -- excerpts only
  • Resume/Cover Letters
  • Planning papers / outlining/ organizing
  • Citing sources and citation styles
  • Enhancing style, voice, clarity, tone

When tutors respond to your work, they will provide personalized, detailed suggestions and comments that you can use to continue the writing process.  While tutors will not edit a paper for you, they will give timely feedback to guide you as you make choices regarding idea development, writing conventions, and form.

Tutors are trained to help students brainstorm ideas, draft a thesis and support for topics, revise the organization of a paper, and develop citation and editing skills. Submit details about the assignment you are working on for the most useful feedback.


To submit a paper to online tutoring for feedback, you will fill out the WRC Submission Form for Online Tutoring

You will attach two documents to the form as .doc or .rtf files:

  1. the document that you’d like to have reviewed
  2. the assignment your submission is responding to

After uploading your documents, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Tutors will respond with a letter detailing their suggestions and margin notes on the writing you submit. This feedback will be from writing@umassd.edu.

If you have additional questions or concerns, you can email ( arc_writingcenter@umassd.edu) or place a phone call (508.999.8710) to the Writing & Reading Center. When contacting the Writing & Reading Center, please provide your name, student ID #, the course that you are enrolled in, and clarify that you are focused on ONLINE TUTORING.

Location: Liberal Arts / LARTS, Room 010