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Diversity of Five Campuses

A multitude of assets

Graduate students at IMS have the unique benefit of choosing to work from one of five diverse UMass campuses, including Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, and Lowell. While a student chooses a specific campus as a base, the myriad of assets from the other four campuses are also available. This flexibility enables a broad and thorough examination of the complex problems at the forefront of marine science and technology while supporting innovative solutions.

The system’s breadth allows for commonality of the mission, but diversity in location and expertise. Because it is located on the eastern U.S. coastline, Massachusetts is an ideal site for marine sciences study and research. Massachusetts has 192 miles of coastline–1,500 miles if the coastline of each bay and inlet is added. The Commonwealth has 27 watersheds, 2,900 lakes, 590,000 wetlands, and 2,000 rivers and streams flowing over 8,200 miles.

The campuses cover the wide range of the commonwealth’s environments, from urban sites to rural settings. Campuses are located on the coast with proximity to the deep ocean, estuaries, and watersheds, and near forests, rivers, lakes, and valleys.

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