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The University of Massachusetts Intercampus Marine Science (IMS) graduate program brings ‌together expertise in marine science and related fields under the umbrella of the entire University of Massachusetts system. The IMS mission involves scientific understanding, management, economic growth, and sustainability of our marine environments. The multidisciplinary program focuses on the aquatic ecosystem and its contribution to humanity and provides a unique learning experience for students and professors alike who engage with local, regional, and worldwide partners. 

Option areas of study

UMass IMS program offers 7 option areas of study to choose from, providing you with a broad spectrum to study–from the boundless nature of our outer atmosphere to the microscopic inner workings of the human body.

Program benefits

Interested students apply to an individual UMass “home” campus, and receive the following benefits from any of our partner institutions.

  • Intercampus faculty mentorship
  • Cross-campus enrollment in a variety of relevant graduate courses
  • Cross-campus collaboration for research opportunities
  • Resource sharing and library access are all available to IMS students
  • Weekly Seminars Series during the academic year

Unique blend of offerings

  • Courses and option areas from 5 diverse campuses and 23 departments
  • Range of knowledge from each faculty member
  • Blending of diverse academic programs across traditional disciplines to form contemporary interdisciplinary concentrations
  • Quality graduate education with fostering research and public service in support of the Commonwealth’s efforts
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