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Financial Information

Tuition, fees, expenses and financial aid

The tuition, fees, other expenses, and financial aid associated with the IMS degrees are those of the student’s’ campus of residence. For specific information on the graduate programs at each campus, please click on a link below.

Stipend levels

Stipend levels in the UMass IMS are flexible and competitive to address the wide range of disciplines addressed in our school. Our stipend levels recognize your need for adequate support during your course of study.

All students receiving a stipend will also receive a tuition waiver, but not necessarily a fee waiver. In addition, IMS offers partial stipend support.

It is imperative that prospective students take an active role in contacting faculty member(s) who could potentially advise them, as well as making an effort to seek funding before applying to IMS. Additionally, IMS has a limited number of TA positions, so to be considered you must submit your applications before the deadline.

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