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Center for Atmospheric Research

Campus: Lowell
Type: Research Center or Institute


Conducts experimental and analytical research in the atmospheric and space sciences, including hardware and software system development. A major objective is the global mapping and monitoring of the ionosphere, for which CAR developed an advanced digital high – frequency Doppler radar system, or Digisonde. A network of 60 stations around the world is collaborating to develop a valid global ionospheric model.

CAR continues to make Digisonde observations in the polar cap region to measure the flow pattern of ionospheric plasma. CAR is also developing, in cooperation with the Phillips Laboratory and other NSF – funded groups, new measuring campaigns and analysis programs to study the equatorial ionosphere and its effect on radio systems and communication. CAR’s laboratories are equipped with measuring equipment for the development of analog and digital electronic systems, such as spectrum analyzers, circuit analyzers, and oscilloscopes.

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