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For Alumni Mentors

Get started as a mentor

Share your personal and professional experience with current UMassD students

The UMassD Alumni Mentoring Program helps prepare our students for a successful future and provides an opportunity for you to leave lasting impact on our campus community.  Administered through the Corsair Network, the Alumni Mentoring Program matches alumni with current students to develop connections that will help prepare our students for successful futures.

As an alumni mentor, you will have the opportunity to provide students with information about working in your industry and offer guidance on what to do as a student to best position themselves for successful careers. Your insights on managing change and overcoming difficulty can have a deep and profound impact. We encourage mentors and students to connect on a regular basis (e.g., once a month Zoom call, in-person meeting, or email conversation); however, the frequency and form of communication are things you can determine together. 

Our alumni are crucial to our students’ success. Your mentorship can help a student create a plan for the year ahead and begin to build their network. Whether you are located here in the SouthCoast or across the globe, all alumni can be a part of the UMassD Alumni Mentor Program.   

How to participate

1.     Register/login to Corsair Network (a computer will provide a better user experience over a mobile device)   

2.     Complete/edit your profile by clicking “Edit Profile” on the top right 

a.     Upload a professional photo
b.     Under “Offer Mentorship” section, check “Mentor a current student”
c.     Under the “About Me” section, answer the alumni question: “Why I want to mentor a current student?”
d.     Save all changes 

3.     Await a request from a student(s). 

How will the mentor match be made? 

1.     Students can review alumni profiles and send a message through Corsair Network to request mentorship. 

2.     You will review request(s) and can accept or decline mentee(s). Click the “Mentorship” tab on the right, under “Mentor requests and approvals.” 

3.     Once you’ve confirmed your maximum number of mentees, update your settings on Corsair Network by going to your profile, then select “Edit Profile” and under “Offer Mentorship” uncheck “Mentor a student” to turn off your availability. 

4.     After confirming a mentee(s), you are officially part of the 2021/2022 UMassD Alumni Mentor Program. 

5.     Review the Mentorship agreement with your mentee to help establish a framework for the mentorship.

If you have any questions, please reach out to for assistance.

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