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Find an alumni mentor

Access to a network of 60,000+ alumni who are eager and willing to share their wisdom and advice about life beyond UMassD

The UMassD Alumni Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for you to form meaningful and lasting relationships with alumni across the globe or in your hometown. Through the Corsair Network, you’ll request a mentor to assist you with career advice and personal development. We encourage mentors and students to connect on a regular basis (e.g., once a month Zoom call, in-person meeting when safe, or email conversation); however, the frequency and form of communication are things you can determine together. 

Mentors can open doors, help you build your network, and give you insights that will be beneficial as you prepare for your careers.  Make the most of your year ahead by making a great connection.  

How Do I Participate? 

1.     Register/login to Corsair Network (use a computer, not a mobile device, for a better user experience).   

2.     Complete/edit your profile by clicking “Edit Profile” on the top right. 

a.     Upload a professional photo.
b.     Under the “About Me” section, answer the student question: “What I hope to achieve through mentoring relationship?”
c.     Make sure to save all changes. 

3.     Search and review alumni mentor profiles on Corsair Network using the "Make Connections" tab on the left: 

a.     Select the tab “Mentors” (located near the top).
b.     Filter your search using the following categories:

  • Major, degree, graduation year, personal interests, first generation, etc.  
  • Company, industry, job function 
  • City, state, country 
  • Keyword search 

4.     Click “Request Mentorship” button on your ideal mentor’s profile (located on the right side within the person’s profile). Personalize your message in the message pop-up box and then click “Send.” You are allowed to request only ONE alumni mentor at a time. Do not request mentorship without including a personal message.

  • Introduce yourself (name, year, major) and include any relevant campus, volunteer or work experience.
  • Explain what you hope to learn from an alumni mentor and why feel he/she would be the best fit
  • Include reference(s) to information in the mentor’s profile (such as education, job, industry)
  • Conclude by asking if he/she would be interested in mentoring you as part of the UMassD Alumni Mentor Program and thank him/her for their consideration 

5.     There is no deadline to make a request; however, if you do not hear back regarding your request after two weeks, you can cancel your request and submit a new request to another potential mentor.

6.     After your mentor confirms, you are officially part of the Mentor Program. Complete the Mentorship agreement (PDF) with your mentor to establish guidelines and expectations for your mentorship.

If you need assistance, please email the Student Alumni Association

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