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Young Alumni Council

The UMassD Young Alumni Council draws upon the expertise and dedication of talented alumni from across UMass Dartmouth who graduated 2022 through 2012 and are 35 and under. Members serve as an important voice to University leadership and actively engage with their peers to promote a culture of engagement and volunteerism within the young alumni community.

Young Alumni Council Operating Guidelines

If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out the form below and a member of the Alumni Relations team will contact you about how you can be involved at UMassD.

Meet the Young Alumni Council

Claudia Torres '19, President

Romulo Cabrera '22, Vice President

Cameron McAlpine '23, Corresponding Secretary

Thomas Castillo '21, Multimedia Manager

Alekhya Achanta '21, Member

Spencer Berryman '21, Member

Trevor Faria '19, Member

Sharan Anil Kumar '22, Member

Brittany McCarron '18, Member

Jillian Beaupre '23, Member

Julianna Bardon '18, Member

Mckenzie Ferrari '23, Member

Remynelle Horton '14, Member

Sierra Renaghan '19, Member

Owen Foster '21, Member

Kenny Duong '22, Member

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