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On a labor history tour for UMass Dartmouth students, Kim Wilson points to the piers while standing in front of the Monument to the Longshoreman's Union which was funded by the Massachusetts AFL-CIO and dedicated in a celebration organized by the Labor Education Center.

Cultivating solidarity between workers and community members, and students

The Labor Education Center’s work in the community is being profiled by the United Association for Labor Education in a national report to the AFL-CIO. The report is the Labor Educations Center's work in the community is being profiled by the United Association for Labor Education in a national report to the AFL-CIO entitled Education for Change: How Labor Education Centers and AFL-CIO Bodies Can Grow and Transform Together. The section on our Center was written by Katherine Sciacchitano.

The Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center was established in 1975 to meet the educational needs of workers as members and leaders in the labor movement and as active and responsible citizens in the community. The objectives of the Labor Education Center are: 

  • To provide non-credit courses, conferences, seminars and special programs in labor education to workers and unions;
  • To offer support and consultation to labor organizations in the development and delivery of their own educational programs;
  • To provide technical and informational resources to workers and unions;
  • To integrate the concerns and contributions of labor into the curricula and activities of the University;
  • To serve as a liaison and promote cooperation between the University and labor organizations, and to increase utilization of the University's resources by workers and unions;
  • To promote greater awareness in the community of the history and present situation of workers and labor organizations;
  • To promote greater understanding and cooperation between labor and
    business, religious, environmental, and other civic and community

‌The Labor Education Center has worked to educate the broader community and honor the Longshoremans' union in New Bedford.  This union has played a key role in improving work and living conditions for many immigrants from Cape Verde, and other workers.  An event was co-sponsored between the Labor Education Center and the Working Waterfront Festival to celebrate their history and contribution to the community.

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