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PhD student David Anchieta in Sydney, Australia
Electrical engineering PhD student wins Best Paper Award from Acoustical Society of America

David Campos Anchieta recently received the award for a paper he presented at the ASA meeting in Sydney, Australia

Recipients and Chancellor Mark Fuller
Corsairs honored: 51st Alumni Awards celebrate extraordinary excellence

Students, faculty, alumni, and friends of UMass Dartmouth convened in the Marketplace on campus to honor five Corsairs for their outstanding professional and community contributions.

UMass Dartmouth receives $1M from Greater Fall River Development Corporation with $500,000 in matching funds from the UMass Foundation for local student scholarships

Greater Fall River Development Corporation Scholarship will support Fall River area students while at UMass Dartmouth

Left to Right: Adam Katz '97, owner of PLAY Arcade, and senior marketing majors Vanessa Pino, Kalvin Garcia, and Kristine Yancey
Marketing majors partner with local New Bedford businesses

Senior marketing management class helps NB100! small businesses develop brand identity and create strategic marketing plan

The 2024 Outstanding Scholarship Mentorship awards announced

Awards were given for Outstanding Scholarship by Graduate and Undergraduate students and Outstanding Mentorship by Faculty on Scholarship

Justice Geraldine Hines, Martin Kurzweil, and Steve Pemberton
UMass Dartmouth to award compassionate and innovative leaders with Honorary Degrees during Commencement

Justice Geraldine Hines, Martin Kurzweil, and Steve Pemberton to be honored during 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Lai speak to students and donors
Echoes of impact: Students, donors bond over brunch at Scholar Day

Students and donors gathered in the Marketplace on campus to acknowledge the undeniable impact of scholarships on academic and professional success.

Feature Stories

Feature stories
Denim Day

Celebrate Denim Day, a sexual violence prevention and education campaign. Support survivors by wearing jeans on April 24th, take a picture, and tag @UMASSD_CWGS on Instagram. There is no excuse and never an invitation to rape.

Walk-in Study Abroad Advising

Interested in studying abroad? Do you have a quick question about the opportunities that are available or the overall process? Stop by the International Programs Office (IPO)! Students will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

Financial Aid FAFSA Help Labs LARTS 203

Financial Aid Services wants to remind all students to file their FAFSA! Join Financial Aid Services for FAFSA Help Labs in LARTS 203 on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3-4pm for help filing your FAFSA and learning more about financial aid. Contact Mark Yanni

Mechanical Engineering MS Project Presentation by Mr Joshua James Banez

Mechanical Engineering MS Project Presentation by Mr. Joshua James Banez DATE: April 24, 2024 TIME: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. LOCATION: Science & Engineering (SENG), Room 110 (Materials Science Lab) Zoom link: (Contact or for the Meeting ID# and Passcode) TOPIC: Advancing the AST Probe Calibration Process through Computational and Experimental Analyses and Novel Fixture Design ABSTRACT: Ametek Brookfield's Advanced Sensing Technology (AST) probe calibration process currently takes over 109 hours to fully complete, which is very long and costly. By shortening the calibration process, lead-times on AST instruments could be decreased, more probes could be calibrated, and the cost to manufacture would be reduced. AST probes are high-tech and precise measurement tools used in a variety of applications to report temperature and viscosity of the desired fluid. The calibration process for such an instrument requires time in an environmental chamber for three different cycles: the burn-in cycle, the air cycle, and the oil cycle. The burn-in cycle is a 27-hour process that cycles the temperature to set a base for the AST probes. The probes are then put through a 16-hour calibration where the probes are suspended in air and then a 66-hour calibration where the probes are submersed in a calibrated oil standard. The solution chosen to speed up calibration required re-design of the current tray fixture for holding the oil in the calibration cycle. The current fixture takes up a lot of mass in the system during both the air and oil cycles of the calibration process. This mass leads to a greater heat capacity in the system which, in turn, adds to the time it takes for the system to come to steady state at each calibration point. The project involved both designing a new fixture and analyzing the time that could be saved in the calibration cycle. Experimental testing with prototypes was then used alongside the simulation to provide more accurate results. Using a combined knowledge of heat transfer, thermal systems, design, and manufacturing engineering this project was able to create a novel fixture that reduced the heat capacity in the system by 31.65% during the oil calibration. This led to an estimated time savings of 33 hours, or 50%, for the just oil cycle from the simulation analysis. The prototypes were machined and experimentally tested to show an actual time savings for the oil cycle of 29.8 hours resulting in an oil cycle that takes only 54.85% of the current time. The new design delivers similar levels of accuracy in the calibration process, while significantly shortening the process. ADVISOR: - Dr. Mehdi Raessi, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UMass Dartmouth COMMITTEE MEMBERS: - Dr. Wenzhen Huang, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UMass Dartmouth - Dr. Sankha Bhowmick, Professor / Chairperson, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UMass Dartmouth Open to the public. All MNE students are encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact Dr. Mehdi Raessi (

DFO/DEOS Seminar - The Life of a New England Fisherman by: Captain David Goethel

SMAST EAST 101-103 and via Zoom Abstract: The 2023 book titled "Endangered Species: Chronicles of the Life of a New England Fisherman and the F/V Ellen Diane" describes 55 years fishing on the Northwest Atlantic, including sea stories, science, and management. The seminar will summarize this memoir of commercial fisherman, who is a biologist and graduate of Boston University, and perspectives on sustainable fishing practices. Biography: David Goethel retired from commercial fishing in 2022 and splits his time with his wife, Ellen, and parrots, Huey and Stuart, between Hampton, New Hampshire, and Stuart, Florida. In Stuart, he surf casts for pompano and other species. In Hampton, he fishes recreationally for the wide range of species in the Gulf of Maine. The author remains active in both science and fishery management at both the state and federal level, serving on one council advisory panel and one ASMFC advisory panel. He also serves on two volunteer fishing organizations' boards of directors, helping to promote sustainable fishing practices. David continues to promote cooperative research, scientists and fishermen working on research projects together to aid in solving the many problems that still plague fishery management.

Grub-n-Gather Student Break for Veterans, Prior Military, and Reservists

All Veteran, Prior Military, and Reservist Corsairs, please join us for a final study break in the Veteran Lounge. Hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and great company will set you up for success on finals. Hope to see you there!

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