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Doctoral  |  Master's  | Certificate

Doctoral Programs

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology PhDFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Chemistry/Biochemistry PhDFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Electrical Engineering (PhD) and Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering Option (PhD)Feb. 1Oct. 15Not applicable
Engineering & Applied Science PhDFeb. 1Oct. 15Not applicable
Integrative Biology PhDJan. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Law JDJune 30Fall onlyNot applicable
Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory PhDFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Marine Science and Technology PhDFeb. 1Oct. 15Not applicable
Nursing DNPFeb. 15Fall onlyNot applicable
Nursing PhDFeb. 15Fall onlyNot applicable
STEM Education PhDJan. 15Fall onlyNot applicable

Master's Programs

ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Accounting MSRollingRollingRolling
Accounting MS OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Art Education MAE OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Biology MS or Marine Biology MSJan. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology MSFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Ceramics MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Chemistry/Biochemistry MSFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Civil & Environmental Engineering MSFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Computer Engineering MSFeb. 1Nov. 1Not applicable
Computer Science MSFeb. 15Oct. 15March 15
Computer Science MS OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Data Science MSFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Digital Media MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Drawing MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Electrical Engineering MSFeb. 1Nov. 1Not applicable
Fibers MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Finance MSRollingRollingRolling
Graphic Design MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Healthcare Management MSRollingRollingRolling
Healthcare Management MS OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Illustration MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Jewelry/Metals MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Marine Science and Technology MSFeb. 1Nov. 1Not applicable
Marine Science and Technology COAST PSMFeb. 1Nov. 1Not applicable
Master of Business Administration MBARollingRollingRolling
Master of Business Administration MBA OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Mechanical Engineering MSFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Mechanical Engineering MS - Industrial & Systems Engineering OptionFeb. 15Oct. 15Not applicable
Nursing MS OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Painting MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Photography MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Physics MSFeb. 1Oct. 15Not applicable
Portuguese Studies MAFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Printmaking MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Professional Writing & Communication MARollingRollingNot applicable
Psychology: Clinical MAFeb. 15Fall onlyNot applicable
Psychology: Research MAJan. 1Fall onlyNot applicable
Public Policy MPP (Online)RollingRollingRolling
Sculpture MFAJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Teaching MATApril 15Nov. 1March 15
Technology Management MSRollingRollingRolling
Technology Management MS OnlineRollingRollingRolling


ProgramFall DeadlineSpring DeadlineSummer Deadline
Accounting Graduate CertificateRollingRollingRolling
Accounting Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Acoustics Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
Artisanry PBCRolling (March 15 priority)Oct. 15Not applicable
Artisanry-Ceramics PBC OnlineRolling (March 15 priority)Oct. 15Not applicable
Business Analytics Graduate CertificateRollingRollingRolling
Business Analytics Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Business Foundations Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Communications Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
Computer Systems Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
Computer Science Graduate CertificateMarch 15Nov. 1Feb. 15
Computer Science Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Cybersecurity Graduate CertificateFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Data Science Graduate CertificateMarch 15Nov. 1Feb. 15
Design PBCJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Digital Signal Processing Graduate Certificate RollingRollingNot applicable
Educational Policy Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Electrical Engineering Systems Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
English as a Second Language (ESL) PreK-12 Graduate CertificateApril 15Nov. 1March 15
Environmental Policy Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Finance Graduate CertificateRollingRollingRolling
Finance Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Fine Arts PBCJan. 10Oct. 15Not applicable
Industrial & Systems Engineering Graduate CertificateFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
International Business Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Marketing Graduate CertificateRollingRollingRolling
Nursing: Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP CAGSRollingRollingRolling
Nursing: Psychiatric Mental Health NP CAGS OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Organizational Leadership Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Professional Writing & Communication Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
Public Management Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling
Radio Frequency Photonics Graduate CertificateRollingRollingNot applicable
Software Development & Design Graduate CertificateFeb. 15Nov. 1Not applicable
Supply Chain Management Graduate CertificateRollingRollingRolling
Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate OnlineRollingRollingRolling

For fall applicants, the deadline for priority consideration for university assistantships or fellowships is typically Jan. 15. For spring applicants, such deadline is typically Nov. 1. Only full-time and degree-seeking students are eligible for university assistantships or fellowships.


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