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Prepare for a lifetime of success

To be successful, you will need an education that prepares you not only for your first job but for a lifetime of career changes and personal development. UMassD's University Studies curriculum offers that preparation, providing broad knowledge and solid skills that extend beyond your chosen major.

Your UMass Dartmouth education is founded on the importance of a liberal education that goes beyond job training. A university education helps you adapt to a changing job market and provides insight into how to live a thoughtful, meaningful life.

University Studies Curriculum

University Studies prepares you to learn, grow, develop, and succeed—today and tomorrow:

  • Introduces you to different ways of learning
  • Highlights connections between your major and other areas of knowledge
  • Teaches you to think analytically and critically
  • Guides you toward mastery of communication
  • Helps you develop your ability to research and learn independently
  • Provides the foundation for community service

Commitment to Student Learning

University Studies is an important part of our Commitment to Student Learning—the definition of what UMass Dartmouth graduates are prepared to accomplish in their lives.

University Studies: Five Areas of Learning

To fulfill your University Studies requirements, you will take approved courses that are organized into 5 clusters:

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Students entering UMass Dartmouth without prior college credit in Fall 2012 or later fall under the University Studies program. Transfer students with 24 or fewer credits entering in 2012-2013 and transfer students entering with 48 or fewer credits in 2013-2014 also complete University Studies. Starting in 2014-2015, all transfer students fall into University Studies. Students not in these University Studies groups complete the .


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