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Course Semester Session Level
ACT 211: Princ of Accounting I2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 211: Princ of Accounting I2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 212: Princ of Accounting II2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 212: Princ of Accounting II2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 311: Intermediate Accounting I2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 311: Intermediate Accounting I2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 312: Intermediate Accounting II2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 312: Intermediate Accounting II2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 351: Cost Accounting2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 351: Cost Accounting2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 355: Accounting Information Systems2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 355: Accounting Information Systems2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 401: Auditing2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 401: Auditing2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 411: Taxation2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 411: Taxation2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 412: Advanced Taxation2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 421: Advanced Financial Accounting2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 421: Advanced Financial Accounting2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 431: Advanced Managerial Accounting2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 444: Finan Statmnt Analy Firm Valua2020 FallUndergraduate
ACT 444: Finan Statmnt Analy Firm Valua2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 454: Financial Statement Analysis2021 SpringUndergraduate
ACT 650: Accounting For Decision Making2020 FallGraduate
ACT 650: Accounting For Decision Making2021 SpringGraduate
ACT 670: Financial Statement Analysis2020 FallGraduate
ACT 670: Financial Statement Analysis2021 SpringGraduate
AED 200: Meth & Mat:Cur Methods2021 SpringUndergraduate
AED 201: Developmt&Assessmt in the Arts2020 FallUndergraduate
AED 302: Technology for K-12 Art Ed2020 FallUndergraduate
AED 305: Soc Phil & His Of Art Ed2021 SpringUndergraduate
AED 408: Practicum Preparation Seminar2020 FallUndergraduate
AED 410: Curriculum Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AED 411: Practicum/Seminar - Elem2021 SpringUndergraduate
AED 412: Practicum/Seminar - Sec2021 SpringUndergraduate
AED 470: Special Topics in Art Ed2020 FallUndergraduate
AED 630: Grad Studio:Art Prac Vis Rsch2020 FallGraduate
AGH 220: LifeSpan Human Development2020 FallUndergraduate
AGH 301: Adulthood & Aging2020 FallUndergraduate
AGH 302: Aging and Disability2021 SpringUndergraduate
AGH 311: Topics in Gerontology2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 102: Intro to the History of Art2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 105: Visual Imagery: Critical Intro2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 105: Visual Imagery: Critical Intro2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 125: Renaissance to Modern Art2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 125: Renaissance to Modern Art2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 150: Modern-Contemporary Art2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 150: Modern-Contemporary Art2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 200: Theory & Crit of Art & Design2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 200: Theory & Crit of Art & Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 301: Greek and Roman Art2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 340: Hist Animation&Experiment Film2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 349: Architecture & Sustainability2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 357: Modern Architecture: Glob Hist2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 362: Islamic Art2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 390: Special Topics in Art History2020 FallUndergraduate
ARH 390: Special Topics in Art History2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 470: Processing Place2021 SpringUndergraduate
ARH 500: Meth&Theory In Art Hist2020 FallGraduate
ART 505: Graduate Seminar I2020 FallGraduate
ART 506: Grad Seminar II: On Creativity2021 SpringGraduate
ART 508: Portfolio Intensive Studio I2020 FallGraduate
ART 510: Selected Topics2021 SpringGraduate
ART 515: Writing Seminar2020 FallGraduate
ART 522: Grad Studio II:Drawing2021 SpringGraduate
ART 534: Grad Studio II:Sculpture2021 SpringGraduate
ART 541: Grad Studio I:Painting2020 FallGraduate
ART 542: Grad Studio II:Painting2021 SpringGraduate
ART 552: Grd Std II:Graphic Des2021 SpringGraduate
ART 574: Grad Studio II:Fibers2021 SpringGraduate
ART 585: Grd Studio I:Printmaking2020 FallGraduate
ART 586: Grd Std II:Printmaking2021 SpringGraduate
ART 590: Instructional Development2021 SpringGraduate
ART 591: Grad Studio I:Ceramics2020 FallGraduate
ART 592: Grad Studio II:Ceramics2021 SpringGraduate
ART 633: Grd Studio III:Sculpture2020 FallGraduate
ART 633: Grd Studio III:Sculpture2021 SpringGraduate
ART 641: Grad Studio III:Painting2020 FallGraduate
ART 651: Grd Std III:Graphic Des2020 FallGraduate
ART 691: Grad Studio III:Ceramics2020 FallGraduate
AXD 105: Art, Craft & Popular Object2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 200: Intro Topics in Art + Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 200: Intro Topics in Art + Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 210: Concepts, Tools, Creativity2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 211: Methods&Media in Illustration2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 213: Illustration:Meaning & Metapho2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 214: Visual Storytelling2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 217: Social Practice Topics I2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 221: Figure Drawing: Form&Structure2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 223: Drawing: Idea,Image, & Process2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 223: Drawing: Idea,Image, & Process2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 226: Woven Cloth2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 231: Wheelthrowing2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 231: Wheelthrowing2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 232: Hand Methods in Clay2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 233: Jewelry/Metals I2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 241: Painting: Color, Form, & Space2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 241: Painting: Color, Form, & Space2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 243: Painting: Mixed Media2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 245: Story Structures2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 246: Principles of Animation2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 248: Principles of Game Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 251: Intro to Graphic Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 252: Careers in Graphic Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 253: Typography2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 253: Typography2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 254: Web Typography2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 254: Web Typography2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 256: Sculpture: Material & Process2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 257: Intro to Sclptr: Clay Modeling2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 274: Apparel Construction2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 276: CAD for Fashion Design 12020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 278: Adv Flat Pattern Drafting2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 279: Fashion Illustration2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 281: Intro to Darkroom Photography2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 282: Intro to Digital Photography2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 282: Intro to Digital Photography2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 286: Silkscreen2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 286: Silkscreen2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 289: Relief2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 300: Topics in Art + Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 300: Topics in Art + Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 305: History of Craft I2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 306: History of Craft II2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 307: Hist & Context of GraphicDesgn2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 308: History of Photography2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 311: Character Design & Environment2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 312: Advanced Illustration Topics2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 313: Posters, Comics & the Mktplce2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 314: Illustration: A Personal Voice2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 327: Weaving Complex Cloth2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 332: Ceramics Large Scale Clay2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 333: Jewelry/Metals III2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 334: Jewelry/Metals IV2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 335: Enameling2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 345: 3D Digital Modeling2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 346: 3D Animation2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 347: Visual Design for Games2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 348: Game Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 351: Information Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 352: Human-Centered Design Thinking2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 353: Advanced Typographic Systems2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 353: Advanced Typographic Systems2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 354: Experimental Processes2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 363: Virtual Reality Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 375: Fashion Design Studio2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 376: Technical Design for Fashion2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 377: Fashion Collection:Development2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 378: Fashion Collection: Production2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 381: Photo Narratives2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 382: Adv Tech&Concept in Photo2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 384: Digital Video Production2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 385: Lighting for Photography2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 387: Topics in Printmaking2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 388: Art of the Book2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 400: Advanced Topics in Art+ Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 400: Advanced Topics in Art+ Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 405: Professional Design Practice2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 406: Professional Studio Art Pract2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 407: Studio Art Capstone2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 413: Illustration Senior Project2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 414: Portfolio & the Profession2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 431: Senior Ceramics Studio2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 433: Jewelry/Metals V2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 434: Jewelry/Metals VI2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 445: Senior Animation Studio2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 446: Adv Top Animation + Game Arts2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 446: Adv Top Animation + Game Arts2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 447: Senior Game Studio2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 448: Animation+Game Arts Capstone2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 450: Adv Topics in Graphic Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 451: Community Engagement Design2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 452: Capstone in Graphic Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 454: Topics in Sculpture2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 454: Topics in Sculpture2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 476: CAD for Fashion Design II2021 SpringUndergraduate
AXD 481: Senior Photography Projects2020 FallUndergraduate
AXD 482: Photography Capstone2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 101: General Biology I2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 101: General Biology I2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 102: General Biology II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 103: Topics in Biology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 103: Topics in Biology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 105: Human Nutrition2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 108: Cancer Biology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 108: Cancer Biology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 112: Ocean Environment2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 121: Introductory Biology I2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 122: Introductory Biology II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 131: Introductory Biology Lab I2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 132: Introductory Biology Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 214: Experimental Design & Analysis2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 215: Ecology & Evolution2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 221: Anatomy & Physiology I2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 222: Anatomy & Physiology II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 223: Anatomy & Physio Lab I2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 224: Anatomy & Physio Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 225: Experiments in Ecol & Evol2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 234: Cell Biology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 235: Genetics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 236: Cells & Genetic Laboratory2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 251: Medical Microbiology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 261: Medical Microbiology Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 310: Infection and Immunology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 314: General Ecology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 316: Descript Oceanography2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 317: Bio Of Invertebrates2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 321: General Microbiology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 322: Medical Anatomy&Physiol2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 370: Animal Physiology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 408: Microbial Genetics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 411: Proseminar2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 411: Proseminar2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 413: Biology Of Fishes2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 415: Comp Vertebrate Anatomy2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 420: Animal Behavior2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 427: Molecular Biology2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 430: Biological Statistics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 431: The Biology of Cancer2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 437: Evolutionary Biology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 454: Biology of Sharks2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 471: Marine Microbiology2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 499: Capstone Research2020 FallUndergraduate
BIO 499: Capstone Research2021 SpringUndergraduate
BIO 508: Microbial Genetics2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 511: Graduate Seminar2020 FallGraduate
BIO 511: Graduate Seminar2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 513: Biology Of Fishes2020 FallGraduate
BIO 520: Animal Behavior2020 FallGraduate
BIO 525: Graduate Student Seminar2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 527: Molecular Biology2020 FallGraduate
BIO 530: Biological Statistics2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 537: Evolutionary Biology2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 545: Biological Oceanography2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 554: Biology Of Sharks2021 SpringGraduate
BIO 571: Marine Microbiology2021 SpringGraduate
BLS 101: Introduction to Black Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 101: Introduction to Black Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
BLS 258: A History of Criminology2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 300: Topics American History2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 368: The Politics of Policing2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 368: The Politics of Policing2021 SpringUndergraduate
BLS 380: Abolitionism2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 380: Abolitionism2021 SpringUndergraduate
BLS 386: Prison Industrial Complex2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 390: Spec Topics in Black Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 390: Spec Topics in Black Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
BLS 416: Sem:Civil Rights in America2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 490: Spec Topics in Black Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
BLS 490: Spec Topics in Black Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
BMB 510: Intro Biomed Eng&Biotech2020 FallGraduate
BMB 520: Quantitative Physiology2020 FallGraduate
BNG 101: Intro to Bioengineering2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 162: Current Topics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 219: Chem Methods in Bioengineering2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 220: Biochemical Thermodynamics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 232: Fund Engineer Biology Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 255: Biology for Engineers2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 311: Statistics for Bioengineering2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 312: Biotransport2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 315: Biomechanics2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 316: Biomaterials2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 317: Biomechanics Laboratory2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 318: Biomeasurement and Control2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 320: Biomeasurement Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 321: Quantitative Physiology2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 322: Quantitative Physio Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 400: Special Topics Bioengineering2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 411: Bioengineering Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 412: Molecular Bioengineering2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 415: Implantable Structs & Sensors2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 416: Biomedical Devices2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 417: Nanotech in Bioengineer System2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 421: Cell and Tissue Engineering2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 423: Biosystems Analysis and Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 426: Metabolic Engineering2020 FallUndergraduate
BNG 428: Med Dev Regs & Regltry Strats2021 SpringUndergraduate
BNG 512: Molecular Bioengineering2021 SpringGraduate
BNG 515: Implantable Structs & Sensors2021 SpringGraduate
BNG 516: Biomedical Devices2020 FallGraduate
BNG 517: Nanotech in Bioengineer System2021 SpringGraduate
BNG 521: Cell and Tissue Engineering2021 SpringGraduate
BNG 526: Metabolic Engineering2020 FallGraduate
BNG 528: Med Dev Regs & Regltry Strats2021 SpringGraduate
CAS 101: Intro to the Arts & Sciences2020 FallUndergraduate
CAS 103: Intro to the Arts & Sciences2020 FallUndergraduate
CAS 103: Intro to the Arts & Sciences2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 161: Civil Eng Design Graphic2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 202: Mechanics of Materials2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 209: Intro Transporta Eng Sys2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 212: Civil Eng Materials Laboratory2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 303: Fluid Mechanics2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 304: Intro Environmental Engineer2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 305: Soil Mechanics2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 306: Structural Analysis2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 307: Analy&Des Reinf Concrete Struc2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 313: Fluid Mechanics Lab2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 314: Intro Environmental Eng Lab2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 315: Soil Mechanics Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 323: Geotechnical Engineering2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 325: Water Resources Engineer2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 334: Traffic Engineering2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 408: Analysis&Des Steel Structures2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 411: Water Quality Engineering2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 412: Pollutn Control of Waste2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 419: Advanced Traffic Engineering2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 421: Matrx Meth-Struct Analys2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 428: Probability & Stat Civil Eng2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 430: Topics in Civil & Environ Eng2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 430: Topics in Civil & Environ Eng2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 456: Waves and Tides2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 484: Pavement Materials2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 491: Civil Engineer Project2020 FallUndergraduate
CEN 491: Civil Engineer Project2021 SpringUndergraduate
CEN 504: Prob & Stats for Civil Eng2021 SpringGraduate
CEN 505: Finite Element Analysis2021 SpringGraduate
CEN 514: Hazardous Waste Managmnt2021 SpringGraduate
CEN 519: Advanced Traffic Engineering2020 FallGraduate
CEN 521: Matrix Meth Struct Analysis2020 FallGraduate
CEN 530: Topics in Civil & Environ Eng2020 FallGraduate
CEN 530: Topics in Civil & Environ Eng2021 SpringGraduate
CEN 556: Waves and Tides2020 FallGraduate
CEN 584: Pavement Materials2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 100: Prep College Chemistry2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 101: General Chemistry I2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 105: Chemistry for Health Sciences2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 105: Chemistry for Health Sciences2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 130: Chemistry and the Envirn2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 132: Chem in Nutrition&Health2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 151: Princ Modern Chemistry I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 151: Princ Modern Chemistry I2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 152: Princ Modrn Chemistry II2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 152: Princ Modrn Chemistry II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 153: Mod&App Chem Sci&Eng I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 155: Modern Chemical Prin I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 156: Modern Chemical Prin II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 161: Intro Applied Chem I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 161: Intro Applied Chem I2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 162: Intro Applied Chem II2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 162: Intro Applied Chem II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 163: Intro to Chemistry Lab I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 164: Intro to Chemistry Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 170: Descriptive Inorganic Chem2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 204: Intro to Analytical Chemistry2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 251: Organic Chemistry I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 252: Organic Chemistry II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 263: Bio-Organic Chem Lab I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 264: Bio-Organic Chem Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 265: Organic Chemistry Lab I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 266: Organic Chemistry Lab II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 305: Modrn Mthd Chemcl Analys2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 307: Procedures Chem Analysis2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 315: Physical Chemistry I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 316: Physical Chemistry II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 318: Physical Chem Measure I2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 319: Physical Chem Measure II2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 362: Intro To Biochemistry2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 401: Chemistry Seminar I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 402: Chemistry Seminar II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 411: Biochemistry I2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 412: Biochemistry II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 414: Biochemistry Laboratory2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 416: Comp Meth Biochem&Bioinformat2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 424: Math Meth in Physical Science2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 431: Prin Inorganic Chemistry2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 433: Inorganic Chemistry Lab2020 FallUndergraduate
CHM 499: Capstone in Chemistry2021 SpringUndergraduate
CHM 511: Biochemistry I2020 FallGraduate
CHM 512: Biochemistry II2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 514: Biochemistry Laboratory2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 522: Comp&Math Mthds Phys Sci2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 529: Physical Biochemistry2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 541: Prin Inorganic Chemistry2020 FallGraduate
CHM 550: Special Topics-Chemistry2020 FallGraduate
CHM 550: Special Topics-Chemistry2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 552: Instrument Mthds Analys2020 FallGraduate
CHM 599: Proseminar on Ethics2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 600: Thesis/Dissertation Rsch2020 FallGraduate
CHM 600: Thesis/Dissertation Rsch2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 650: Graduate Seminar2020 FallGraduate
CHM 650: Graduate Seminar2021 SpringGraduate
CHM 699: Chemical Lit & Writing2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 115: Computer Program With C2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 180: Object-Oriented Prog I2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 180: Object-Oriented Prog I2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 181: Object-Oriented Prog II2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 181: Object-Oriented Prog II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 190: Intro Procedural Program2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 264: Software Qual Assuran&Testing2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 272: Intro to Computing Systems2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 273: Comp Organiztn & Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 280: Software Spec & Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 340: Large Software Systems2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 360: Algorithms & Data Struct2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 361: Models of Computation2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 362: Empirical Meth Comp Sci2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 370: Design Of Operating Syst2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 381: Social&Ethcl Aspect Comp2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 412: Artificial Intelligence2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 431: Human-Computer Interactn2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 442: Digital Forensics2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 443: Applied Cryptography2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 444: Cyber Defense and Operations2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 454: Computer Graphics2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 465: Topics Computer Vision2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 469: Web Software Development2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 475: Computer Networks2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 477: Comp & Inform Systm Security2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 481: Paral&Distr Sftware Syst2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 490: Machine Learning2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 498: Senior Software Eng Proj I2020 FallUndergraduate
CIS 499: Senior Software Eng Project II2021 SpringUndergraduate
CIS 522: Algorithms & Complexity2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 530: Advanced Data Mining2020 FallGraduate
CIS 532: Software Systems Design2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 542: Digital Forensics2020 FallGraduate
CIS 543: Applied Cryptography2020 FallGraduate
CIS 556: Gamification Design2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 560: Theoretical Comp Science2020 FallGraduate
CIS 568: Data Visualization2020 FallGraduate
CIS 569: Visual Analytics2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 570: Adv Computer Systems2020 FallGraduate
CIS 580: Paradigmatic Sftware Dev2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 599: CIS Graduate Seminar2020 FallGraduate
CIS 599: CIS Graduate Seminar2021 SpringGraduate
CIS 602: Special Topics in CIS2021 SpringGraduate
CJS 190: Intro Crime & Justice Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 190: Intro Crime & Justice Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 190: Intro Crime & Justice System2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 205: Social Theory2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 205: Social Theory2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 257: Foundations in Justice Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 257: Foundations in Justice Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 258: A History of Criminology2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 258: A History of Criminology2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 311: Youth, Crime and Justice2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 315: Rsch Methods Justice Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 315: Rsch Methods Justice Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 321: Women, Crime, and the Law2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 321: Women, Crime, and the Law2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 342: Construction Criminal Behavior2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 345: Environments of Justice2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 347: Immigration & Justice2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 350: Read Crime & Justice Studies2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 350: Read Crime & Justice Studies2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 361: The War on Drugs2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 361: The War on Drugs2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 364: The Death Penalty2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 368: The Politics of Policing2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 368: The Politics of Policing2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 370: Criminal Law and Procedure2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 370: Criminal Law and Procedure2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 374: Transformative Justice2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 374: Transformative Justice2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 380: Abolitionism2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 380: Abolitionism2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 386: Prison Industrial Complex2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 400: Contemporary Topics in Justice2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 400: Contemporary Topics in Justice2021 SpringUndergraduate
CJS 450: Internship2020 FallUndergraduate
CJS 450: Internship2021 SpringUndergraduate
DAN 147: Fundamentals of Statistics2020 FallUndergraduate
DSC 101: Introduction to Data Science2020 FallUndergraduate
DSC 301: Matrix Methods Data Analysis2021 SpringUndergraduate
DSC 498: Data Science Capstone Proj I2020 FallUndergraduate
DSC 499: Data Science Capstone Proj II2021 SpringUndergraduate
DSC 520: High Perform Scientific Comput2020 FallGraduate
DSC 530: Data Visualization2020 FallGraduate
EAS 501: Advanced Mathematical Methods2020 FallGraduate
EAS 502: Numerical Methods2021 SpringGraduate
EAS 520: High Perform Scientific Comput2020 FallGraduate
EAS 531: Adv Materials & Applications2021 SpringGraduate
EAS 602: Research Ethics2021 SpringGraduate
EAS 621: Scientific Comput Research Sem2020 FallGraduate
EAS 622: Scientific Comput Research Sem2020 FallGraduate
EAS 700: Doctoral Seminar2021 SpringGraduate
ECE 160: Foundations Computer Eng I2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 160: Foundations Computer Eng I2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 161: Foundations Computer Eng II2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 201: Circuit Theory I2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 201: Circuit Theory I2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 202: Circuit Theory II2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 211: Elements of Electrical Eng I2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 250: Fundamentals of MATLAB2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 250: Fundamentals of MATLAB2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 251: Elements of Electrical Eng Lab2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 256: Foundations of Cyber Security2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 260: Digital Logic&Computer Design2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 263: Embedded System Design2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 263: Embedded System Design2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 264: Object Oriented Software Devel2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 264: Object Oriented Software Devel2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 310: Engineering Ethics2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 311: Digital Electronics2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 312: Analog Electronics2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 320: Discrete-Time Linear Systems2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 321: Continuous Time Linear Systems2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 335: Electromagnetic Theory I2020 FallUndergraduate
ECE 336: Electromagnetic Theory II2021 SpringUndergraduate
ECE 355: Applied Discrete Structures2020 FallUndergraduate