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Students in the Claire T. Carney Library

Student Success

Whether you’re a first-year student with just a few credits or a student a few credits shy of graduation, you may need some help as you navigate your path to graduation.

The tools and advice linked below are designed to guide you on your path to a college degree.

Academics are the most important part of why you’re here. Visit your academic advisor regularly and check out the many other academic supports freely available to you. We understand that there are other aspects of your time in college that enrich your experience—like community involvement, faculty engagement and developing a sense of belonging. We urge you to explore co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities as well.

Successful students share some common traits. They explore the university, maximize their academic experience and engage in their campus and community.

UMass Dartmouth is committed to your success. Where are you on your path to graduation?

Student resources

We've curated this collection of links to other UMass Dartmouth resources to help you on your path to graduation.

Academic advising

Career development

Athletics and other extra-curricular activities

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