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Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program

What is PAL?

PAL is a voluntary academic assistance program designed to help students improve their performance in traditionally difficult courses. PAL consists of workshops which are peer-led, student-centered study sessions that meet two to three times a week throughout the semester.

As part of the Supplemental Instruction pedagogy, the mission of PAL is to improve student comprehension, learning, and retention in a low-stakes, peer-driven environment.

PAL in the Classroom

If PAL is part of your class, your faculty will share this through your syllabus. Each course will be paired with a Peer Leader (also called a PAL SI Leader), who is responsible for attending class meetings, leading weekly PAL workshops, and acting as a resource to the students enrolled in the course section(s).

Why attend PAL sessions?

PAL is for everyone, and open to all students enrolled in this class. Attendance at PAL sessions is free and voluntary. Students who attend PAL sessions weekly typically earn higher grades than students who do not. Please bring your lecture notes, books, and questions with you.

Attend a PAL session

Check your syllabus or check in with your PAL SI Leader for times or more information.

Job opportunity! How to become a PAL leader

PAL FAQs for faculty

Spring 2023 PAL Sections

  • Section: ECO231-01 TR, 11am-12:15pm
    Instructor: Cosgrove
    Peer Leader: Noah Dudley
  • ECO231-02 TR, 9:30am-10:45am
    Instructor: Meral
    Peer Leader: Adwita Saxena 
  • ECO231-03 TR, 2pm-3:15pm
    Instructor: Meral
    Peer Leader: Hannah Mitus 
  • ECO231-04 MWF, 9am-9:50am
    Instructor: Lynch
    Peer Leader: Nate Coletti 
  • ECO232-01 TR, 9:30am-10:45am
    Instructor: Olitsky
    Peer Leader: Anamitra Majumdar
  • ECO232-03 TR, 12:30pm-1:45pm ​Jessica Salerno
    Instructor: Olitsky
    Peer Leader: Noah Dudley
  • ECO232-03 MWF, 10am10:50am
    Instructor: Tang
    Peer Leader: Caroline Lemieux
  • BIO222-01,-02 MWF, 10am-10:50am, 11am-11:50am
    Instructor: Barrett
    Peer Leader: Kileigh Holt
  • BIO122-01,-02 MWF, 9am-9:50am, 10am-10:50am, 1pm-1:50pm
    Instructor: Winslow
    Peer Leader: Andrea Pires
  • PHL215-01B,-04B MWF, 1pm-1:50pm 2pm-2:50pm
    Instructor: Eckert
    Peer Leader: John Goncalves
  • CHM 151-01 TR, 11am-12:15pm
    Instructor: Lawton
    Peer Leader: Elena DePra
  • CHM 151-02 MWF, 12pm-12:50pm Daphne Poirier
    Instructor: Wei
    Peer Leader: Noah Dudley
  • CHM152-01 TR, 8am-9:15am
    Instructor: Lawton
    Peer Leader: Alexander Le
  • MTH 150-01 Tu/TH, 12:30pm-1:45pm
    Instructor: Kim
    Peer Leader: McCord Murray
  • MTH 146-02 MWF, 11am-11:50am
    Instructor: Correia
    Peer Leader: Justin Marando
  • MTH 151-01,-02 MWF, 2pm-3:50pm, 9am-10:50am
    Instructor: Bildik
    Peer Leader: Rebecca Rodrigues
  • PSC101-01 MWF, 10am-10:50am
    Instructor: Berggren
    Peer Leader: Hannah Trombly
  • PSC101-02 TR, 9:30am-10:45am
    Instructor: Fobanjong
    Peer Leader: Kinuyo Takasugi
  • PSY220-01,-02 MWF, 1pm-1:50pm, 2pm-2:50pm 
    Instructor: Hartnett
    Peer Leader: Emily DeSousa
  • ACT212-04B MWF, 10am-10:50am
    Instructor: Jacobsen
    Peer Leader: Adeline Andrade