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First Year English

About First-Year English

As a foundational component of the University Studies Program, UMass Dartmouth offers a two-semester, first-year writing sequence, focusing on academic argument and university-level writing. Almost all UMassD undergraduates take ENL 101 and ENL 102 in their first and second semesters.

The FYE Program takes to heart the University Studies Program goal of introducing students to college and professional literacy skills, as well as the University’s mission for engaged citizenship. Our course sequence emphasizes issue synthesis, preparing students to engage with ongoing conversations in an informed, responsible way—in their academic studies, civic engagement, and post-college careers.

Our Faculty

Over 30 instructors teach in the FYE program, including tenure-line, full-time, and part-time faculty members. The FYE program includes four different courses, and FYE faculty often teach English courses at the 200-level, including Intermediate Writing, Business and Technical Communication, Writing in the Sciences, and Studies in Literature. Our faculty come from across the country and around the world, bringing diverse experiences and dedication to our FYE classes.

More About First-Year English

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