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CAS 101/103

In the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), you begin your journey with CAS 101 or 103, “Introduction to the Arts & Sciences.” Incoming Biology, Chemistry, and Math majors take the one-credit CAS 101. All other students take the three-credit CAS 103.

Learn about UMassD's commitment to:

  • A liberal education: you'll explore knowledge across many fields, to enhance your academic success and your life beyond graduation
  • Student engagement: you'll apply your knowledge through internships, service learning, study abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities

CAS 101/103 advantages

  • Get to know other students
  • Make a successful transition to UMass Dartmouth
  • Work one-on-one with a faculty member to explore your opportunities
  • Discover campus resources that can help you achieve your goals

Skills for your success

  • Develop skills in note-taking, test-taking, college reading, time management, and handling finances
  • Get ready to take responsibility for your education
  • Begin your intellectual journey to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions

Explore your major

  • Explore how your major relates to your career goals
  • Haven't chosen a major yet? CAS 103 sets you on the path to finding the right major for you
  • Learn about academic program requirements and how to select courses

CAS 101/103 & University Studies

CAS 101 and 103 meet two requirements: University Studies Cluster 1E and College Studies.

University Studies is UMass Dartmouth's unique all-university program that complements and enhances your studies within your major. Learn more about University Studies

College Studies comprises a set of requirements determined by the College of Arts & Sciences to be fundamentally critical to a liberal arts education and your development as a citizen of the world.

CAS 101/103 enrollment

Students entering in the fall semester are pre-enrolled in an appropriate section of CAS 101 or 103. Spring sections are open for self-enrollment by students.

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