Mary Kayyal

Full time Lecturer




Liberal Arts 396J


2014Boston CollegePhD
2009Boston CollegeMA
2006Boston CollegeBA


  • Statistics in Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Culture and Emotion

Research interests

  • Emotion Perception
  • Emotion and Moral Judgments
  • Development of emotion categories across cultures

Select publications

Kayyal, M.H. & Russell, J.A. (2013).
Language and Emotion: Certain English-Arabic Translations Are Not Equivalent
Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 32, 261-271.

Kayyal, M.H. & Russell, J.A. (2013).
Americans and Palestinians Judge Spontaneous Facial Expressions of Emotion
Emotion, 13, 891-904.

Kayyal, M.H. & Widen, S.C. (2013).
Monsters and Growling Dogs: A Dual-Source Theory of the Child's Concept of Fear
Psychological Topics, 2, 367-382.

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