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New students

As a new student at UMass Dartmouth, you'll want to use email, Internet, print, and digital library services as soon as possible. UMass Dartmouth’s Computing and Information Technology Services (CITS) provides access to these essential resources and offers help when you need it.

Getting Connected

Your first step is to activate your UMassD Logon for email and other services: New Student Activation

(All entering students are invited to begin activation, via an email sent to the personal email address provided to the university.)

Start checking your email as soon as possible: email is an official means of communication at UMass Dartmouth. 

Access your Office 365 email through myUMassD, our web portal.

Students should familiarize themselves with UMass Dartmouth IT policies.

Your UMassD Logon also provides access to a number of IT services beyond email.

The myUMassD portal provides a central location for quick and secure access to most online services for students, faculty, and staff. Use your UMassD logon to access the myUMassD portal.

myUMassD offers single-sign-on access to email and other university services such as online courses. Other important systems, such as COIN, are available with an additional login.

Make myUMassD your starting point for information and activities. Available through myUMassD:

  • campus news
  • important notifications
  • ways to make connections within the UMass Dartmouth community

All students are required to sign into COIN: Corsairs Online INformation.

COIN is an official means of university communication for student information such as courses, grades, and class schedules.

You can access COIN through the myUMassD portal. More information about COIN is available at myUMassD, under Help.

myAlert is a notification system designed to immediately deliver emergency information to students via cell phone text/voice messaging. UMassD ALert is used to notify the UMass Dartmouth community of:

  • emergencies that significantly disrupt daily activities or pose a threat to the health and safety of the community
  • weather closing or restricted hours

When your UMassD logon is created, you will receive an invitation to log into UMassD Alert and provide contact information. You may also access UMassD Alert through the Campus Tools within the myUMassD portal launch pad.

CITS provides minimum purchase recommendations and suggested hardware configurations.

Some colleges (Business, Visual & Performing Arts) also provide specific recommendations for laptops.

For more information or questions regarding purchasing technology, please contact CITS' IT Procurement Team at Also visit the UMass U$ave program for potential savings.

Visit the Network pages to learn how to connect to the residential network.

Visit the Wireless pages to learn how to establish a VPN account for wireless connectivity.

For commuting students: Students who wish to connect to our network from home must make arrangements with an Internet Service Provider or ISP. Your ISP will inform you of its hardware requirements to connect to the Internet and the campus network.

All student computers are required to have anti-virus software installed in order to connect to our campus network. CITS provides this software, available free of charge, to all UMass Dartmouth students.

The Learning Commons Service Desk, on the first floor of the library, is where students can go to:

  • use computers
  • work and study in groups or by themselves
  • get help with COIN or technology

In addition, CITS offers a number of computer classroom spaces that are reserved for faculty using technology in their course work. When not being used for teaching, these classrooms become public access computer labs (with access for students as well as faculty and staff).

Each room has at least one telephone jack to which students may attach their own touch-tone phone. Each resident is assigned a different telephone number and voice mailbox. Telephone numbers are pre-assigned and permanent to each room and bed assignment; numbers are included in your "Housing package."

Residents will be able to select from the following telephone service options:

1. Cell forwarding ONLY

All calls to your University assigned phone number will be automatically forwarded to your cell phone. You are not required to have a phone connected in your room.

2. Phone in room AND Cell Forwarding

All calls to your University assigned phone number will ring in your room. If not answered after 3 rings, it will be automatically forwarded to your cell phone. You are required to have a phone connected in your room.

3. Phone in room with voicemail (No Cell Forwarding)

All calls to your University assigned phone number will ring in your room. If not answered after 3 rings, it will be automatically sent to your University voicemail box. You are required to have a phone connected in your room.

How to activate your telephone service.

To activate your telephone service, please log in to Under the Housing menu, click on the Residential Telephone Service Request link and follow the instructions. The room telephone service provides unlimited local area calling.

Connecting your phone.

The telephone jack is normally noted as "telephone" or in new housing units as the "black" jack. (Orange jacks are for data connections only.) For new phones, please be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions prior to setting up your phone, since many new phones require up to 12 hours of charging before they are operational. Questions can be referred to your Resident Assistant, to CITS at 508.999.8900 (x8900), or submit a case using the IT Help form.

For difficulty with voice, voicemail, data, or video services, dial x8900 and listen to the options. If the phone is out of service, it is suggested students leave an alternate call back number.

Additional information about telephone service: voicemail, password, dialing

UMass Dartmouth offers both fully online and blended courses (face-to-face classes that have an online component) through myCourses. You can access myCourses at myUMassD.

CITS and the Library have introduced PrintLess, an initiative to reduce printing-related paper waste. Please visit the site for information about student printing and print allocations.

Your instructor may require you to purchase an iClicker as part of your course materials along with your textbook.

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