Office of Faculty Development

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Note: You may have been re-directed to this site from older sites such as Center for Teaching Excellence or CATLS. The initiatives of those earlier programs are now under the direction of the Office of Faculty Development.

Ensuring effective faculty development

The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) supports the professional development of junior, mid-career, and senior faculty to achieve success, productivity, and satisfaction at each stage of their academic careers.

Based on a recommendation from the university's strategic plan, the Office of Faculty Development brings together all of the university's faculty development programs and initiatives, such as the New Faculty Institute and the Center for Teaching Excellence, under the direction of one office to ensure effective faculty development.

The OFD believes that teaching, scholarship, and service have common threads: inquiry, problem solving, and information sharing. The OFD aims to produce programming that reflects these interconnections while recognizing that the productivity and success of the individual faculty member cannot be achieved in isolation from the development of the academic community of UMD as a whole.

Suggestions are welcome

The Office welcomes comments, ideas, and suggestions for specific programs or future directions from all members of the UMD community.