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The NFI's goals are to:

  • introduce new faculty to important issues such as contract renewal files and annual reviews
  • engage faculty in an active, rigorous teaching and scholarship program

Prior to the start of fall classes, the NFI provides an introductory mailing and orientation day, which introduce faculty to practical issues (email, library services); expectations regarding office hours, syllabi, and classes; what UMass Dartmouth students are like; and other issues regarding the day-to-day expectations for teaching.

The NFI meets on Wednesdays from 3-5pm throughout the year. All new tenure track faculty receive a course load release from the Provost's office for their first two semesters in support of their commitment to the NFI. During these meetings, new faculty engage in the following issues:

  • developing and maintaining your dossier for annual reviews and contract renewals
  • engaging in reflective practices in the classroom; all new tenure track faculty are required to attend two Faculty Development Center workshops each semester
  • requesting and reflecting upon teaching reviews, which includes class visits, review of syllabi, and review of grading practices
  • using online technology to enhance your face-to-face classrooms
  • creating a plan for tenure (sessions will be devoted to helping new faculty consider how they plan to develop their teaching and research agenda as they move toward tenure)

Other workshops and campus colloquia will be presented during the year, and new faculty will be asked to attend some of them. A detailed schedule will be provided to you at the one-day orientation prior to the start of classes.


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