The Honors program

Honors Program students at UMass Dartmouth are presented with a wide array of opportunities both in the classroom and places beyond the university.

Honors Mission

The Honors program aims to:

  • promote a lifelong love of learning and creative activity
  • encourage the spirit of community responsibility
  • enable students to undertake original research or creative work in their chosen field
  • prepare students for graduate study and/or professional employment. 

Students who fulfill the requirements of the Honors Program graduate as Commonwealth Scholars, a statewide recognition of exceptional academic achievement.

The Commonwealth Scholar honor is inscribed on the student's diploma and transcript.

Honors Benefits

  • Housing—Jump at the chance to live in the spacious on campus apartments or townhouses after your freshman year
  • Early registration—Plan the perfect schedule by registering early for classes
  • Smaller classrooms—No large lecture halls means more personal attention and contact with our best and brightest faculty
  • Serve the UMass Dartmouth and south coast community—open doors to networks with other students and professionals
  • Social events and trips—scheduled throughout the school year, and planned by the Honors Student Council


UMD Honors Strategic Plan


Current students can use the myUMassD portal to view more detailed program requirements, honors contract and thesis guidelines and more.