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Please join the Honors College in welcoming the Class of 2025!

During the next four years our students will learn about and help address contemporary societal challenges from the perspective of their chosen discipline. These challenges may range from sustainability to equality and social justice. Through engaging with class material, developing discipline-specific expertise, and applying their skills in conducting individual scholarly pursuits, we have no doubt that Honors students will play an integral part in making the world a better place. Along the way, our students will have fun with like-minded peers, interact with the community, and hopefully develop life-long friendships.

Student News

Kudos to Daniela Tishchenko (’23, Interior Architecture + Design), who won second place in the IESNA Boston Student Scholarship Design Competition 2020-21. Tishchenko’s project “Ebb and Flow Chandelier” was displayed and acknowledged at the 2021 Illuminations Awards Gala at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront.
Kudos to Brooke DeSimone (’23, Bioengineering), who was awarded a 2021 Joel Goldenberg Memorial Scholarship by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering.
During this year's Honors Convocation, the Jennifer W. Mulnix University Honors Program Service Award was presented to Brianna Johnson. Each year, this award is presented to a student who has provided outstanding service to the Honors College during the academic year. Thank you, Brianna, and congratulations!
We are proud to announce that twelve Honors students will be participating in the virtual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference on April 23, 2021. This conference showcases the diverse and defining research work from students attending public colleges and universities across the Commonwealth. The conference speaks to both the innovation and resilience of our undergraduate researchers from across the UMass Dartmouth campus. Our Honors student presenters include:

     Olivia K. Aguiar
     Gavin Fay (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Fisheries Oceanography
     Variation in Market Composition and Price Between New England Seafood Markets

     Allyson Andrade
     Kristen Sethares (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Nursing
     Developing a Kinesthetic Learning Plan to Promote Self-Care for Hospitalized                       Heart Failure Patients

     Sophia B. Costa
     Shuowei Cai (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
     Neuronal Protective Effects of Blueberries Against Oxidative Stress on Human                     Neuroblastoma Cells

     Katelyn M. Cox
     Cathy Gardner (Faculty Sponsor)
     Honors College
     College Students’ Attitudes on Intent to Receive Influenza Vaccination

     Arielle N. Enos
     Genevieve M. Kozak (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Biology
     Resource Availability Alters the Effects of Elevated Temperature on Assortative Mating         Patterns in the European Corn Borer Moth (Ostrinia nubilalis)

     Brianna N. Johnson
     Alfa Heryudono (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Mathematics and Statistics
     Prototyping Parametric Ordinary Differential Equations with Machine Learning

     Allison Leal
     Laura Hanzly (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Bioengineering
     Insight on Common Knee Injuries and Implementation of Injury Prevention Regiments

     Jack A. Leduc
     D. Steven White (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Marketing
     Brands Take a Stand: A Study of Consumer Attitudes

     Matthew Machado
     Jennifer Dunbar Viveiros (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Nursing
     Reasons Offered by Heart Failure Patients for Non-Adherence with Prescribed                       Medications

     Daelyn N. McClain
     Chris Peter (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Biology
     Bacteriophage Therapy as the Optimal Solution to the Antibiotic Resistance Pandemic

     Helen S. Teklehaimanot
     MaryBeth Sosa (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
     Nursing Faculty and Senior Nursing Student’s Attitudes Toward Complementary and             Alternative Medicine (CAM)

     Hazel M. Wood
     Kristen Sethares (Faculty Sponsor)
     Department of Nursing
     Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Differences in Knowledge and Perception between Black           and Caucasian College Students
Kudos to Grant Mooney (PSC '20) for his publication, "American Nightmare: An Examination of Ideology in Political Dystopia," in Proceedings of the National Conference On Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2020, 1062-1074.
Congratulations to Alejandra Ponce-Lopez for winning a CircleIn scholarship! CircleIn is an app that allows students to collaborate on classwork. Alejandra's use of CircleIn encouraged and facilitated the use of the app by other students.
Congratulations to Katelyn Cox and Catherine Pope who have been accepted as presenters for the 2021 Northeast Regional Honors Conference! Katelyn's poster presentation will address "College Students' Attitudes on Intent to Receive Influenza Vaccination." Catherine will be conducting a roundtable presentation entitled, "Decriminalization is Not Enough, Addiction as Mental Health."

Kudos to three of our students who published in the Fall 2020 (Vol. 2) edition of Illuminate, a journal for undergraduate scholarship:

  • Brianna Johnson (DSC ’21): “Variation of Medicare Costs for Intracranial Hemorrhages and Cerebral Infarctions Across the United States.” Brianna will also be presenting her research at the Boston Chapter of the ASA Student Research Symposium in Statistics and Data Science, November 2020.
  • Grant Mooney (PSC ’20): “On Friends and Foes: Examining the Evolution of American White Supremacy Through Dystopian Literature”
  • Catherine Pope (PSY ’21): “Instagram Use, Interest and Recognition of Images”

Madison Kusske (CJS '21) is interning at the Washington Center this semester.

Congratulations to Sophia Baxendale for being one of only a handful of students chosen for an Office of Undergraduate Research 2020 Summer Stipend award. Sophia is being supervised by Professor Robin Locke-Arkerson in the Psychology department on her study “Behavioral expression of anger in preschoolers.”

Honors Faculty News

Congratulations to Professor Mahzah Hojjat and Professor Brian Ayotte for their recent publication exploring "gender differences in competition within friendships of emerging adults":

  • Hojjat, M., Ayotte, B. A., & Mehta, C. M. (In press). Women do not shy away from competition: Competition in same-gender and cross-gender friendship dyads. The Journal of Social Psychology.

Congratulations to Professor Kristen Sethares and Professor Brian Ayotte for their recent publication: 

  • Sethares, K. A., Ayotte, B. A., & Viveiros, J. A., (In press). Uncertainty levels differ by physical heart failure symptom cluster. Applied Nursing Research.

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