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Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality

About CWGS

Originally founded in 1970 as the Women’s Referral Center, the Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality (CWGS) is the second oldest collegiate Women’s Center in the country. With strong activist roots, the women who created the Women’s Referral Center began contraceptive and abortion rights advocacy and education before the 1973 decision of Roe vs. Wade. Over the past four decades the Women’s Referral Center has evolved first into the Women’s Center, then in 1996, it became the Women’s Resource Center, and in 2011, the Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality, each time expanding its mission and services to provide progressive inclusive services and resources to students.

The CWGS amplifies and advocates for all genders and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer community.

CWGS is located in the McLean Campus Center in Suite 207.

Powder Puff  Football sponsored by the Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality

Our Goals

  • Create community for students, faculty, and staff by providing the campus with a safe and brave space to voice opinions and concerns on current social justice issues impacting women and the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Provide resources & referrals on women’s and LGBTQIA+ health
  • Educate students and UMass Dartmouth community on women’s and LGBTQIA+ history as well as current issues
  • Advocate for survivors of sexual violence; implement active bystander intervention education and programs strategies
  • Provide intersectional programing to educate the UMass Dartmouth community about issues of structural inequity and marginalization

Student organizations

The Center for Women, Gender & Sexuality supports two student organizations, including Pride Alliance and Sapphic Society. To learn more about student organizations log onto MyOrgs

LGBTQIA+ Support & Services

The Female Orgasm sponsored by the Women's Resource Center (WRC), LiveWell & Student Affairs


The CWGS offers programs and workshops to students, staff and faculty that address issues of sexual violence prevention, LGBTQIA+ support and resources and gender inclusivity with an intersectional social justice approach. 

Our education and training topics include LGBTQIA+ capacity building trainings, sexual violence and survivor support training, salary negotiation workshops, and more.




Jennifer Walsh


Campus Center, Suite 207

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